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Best Surveillance Camera Systems

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets, Tech

Given that home security is very important and no effort should be spared when trying to increase the level of safety at home, the security surveillance systems should be present in any home. These devices monitor everything that happens in the perimeter and record the images so that you will be aware and alert in case something goes wrong. In order to find the best security camera systems, we read countless reviews on various professional review websites. We noticed that the latest models come with intelligent features that allow the camera to record even in complete darkness or at the sight of movement, thus assuring maximum efficiency. Here is the top of the best surveillance camera systems that can bring extra protection to your home. [Not a valid template]

Lorex LH05041TC4W Wireless High-Definition DVR Surveillance System

You can keep an eye on your house with this amazing surveillance system with 4 cameras that can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the weatherproof design. The cameras have a 720p resolution, they include record and playback features, and the images are automatically stored on the 1 TB memory card, so you don’t have to worry about the storage space. The system has a viewing angle up to 69° so that you will observe every corner of your property at all times. The night vision feature sets the picture to black and white in dim light and captures images at long distances up to 135 feet. Thanks to the real-time footage feature, you are able to connect the system to your smartphone and enjoy remote viewing. [Not a valid template]

Lorex LW2744 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Surveillance System

This is a unit that can record at all times or you can set it to record at scheduled intervals. Plus, the motion sensor of the camera will activate it as soon at it detects movement, which is a good thing if you want to monitor an area that is usually deserted. The 4 cameras have a 640×480 resolution and can record both audio and video details. This camera system can be used for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the solid housing and the night vision feature with 16 IR LEDs that capture images at distances up to 70 feet in the dark. The 7” monitor makes it easy for you to observe the images and the included 8GB microSD card offers simple storage space. The main disadvantage of this surveillance camera system is that it is not compatible with mobile apps, meaning you will not be able to access the images from a distance.

Cool Gadgets for Growing Indoor Plants

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets

Many people don’t start growing their own food or do not grow plants because they don’t have outdoor space where they could start gardening or the indoor environment is not proper for plants to grow and flower. Luckily, with all the latest gardening gadgets the indoor plants can thrive better than plants grown outside. Here are some of the most useful gadgets for growing indoor plants. [Not a valid template]

Click and Grow

This stylish-looking white box allows you to grow herbs and house plants in potted cartridges without creating any mess and without much intervention from your side. All you have to do is place the seedlings in the cartridge, install the batteries in the device, fill the box with water and place it in a sunny window. The hydrometer inside the gadget keep a proper moisture level, the fertilizer capsules are designed to decompose gradually to ensure the plants enough nutrients and a flashing blue light will remind you when it is time to refill the box with water. [Not a valid template]

USB plant sensor

The EasyBloom sensor helps you keep a track of the light, temperature, air humidity and soil moisture levels of your plants by placing the sensor into the ground for 24 hours to allow it to gather the data. Then you have to connect it to a USB port and let it sync the information with its database so that you will find out what your plants need to thrive. [Not a valid template]

Led grow lights

Besides soil and water, plants need light in order to grow and become productive and with an indoor garden, light can be a problem if you do not have well-lighted rooms. In this aspect, you could search the web for a led grow lights comparison of the top rated led grow lights for indoor plants. These artificial lights are the best solution for delivering your plants enough light to help them grow properly. Various types of Led grow lights emit various types of lights designed for each growing cycle so that your plants will get the proper light they need to grow indoors. Based on our recent led grow lights comparison, the AeroGarden Ultra is one of the top rated led grow lights for indoor plants. It consists of a base that holds the pots, a lamp with 3 full-spectrum lights and an LCD screen that displays the gadget’s controls. [Not a valid template]


If you want to grow your own herbs, the Windowfarms device is the best gadget for you because it can hold small pots perfect for growing your favorite herbs. This gadget consists of a wire frame that holds 4 small pots where you have to put your plants. What this device does is water the plants through the pump that circulates water and fertilizer from the top pot to the bottom pot.

Radar Detector Buying Guide

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets

The radar detector has become a gadget more and more wanted by drivers who want to avoid speeding tickets while they drive. This ingenious device uses radio waves to detect the waves emitted by police radars and send you an acoustic signal when there is a radar device placed on your route. This way you will know when to slow down and avoid those unpleasant speeding tickets. If you are looking for tech gifts for dad or for your boyfriend, you should take the radar detector into account. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are many types and models of radar detectors available on the market and it is hard to know which one to choose or if the chosen one will turn out to be useful, therefore, here are some things you should take into account before purchasing a radar detector for your car. [Not a valid template]

Set the budget you are willing to spend

When you decide to buy a radar detector, the first thing you should do is set a budget, because radar detectors have various prices and you must know how much you are willing to spend on the device. Depending on its features, the radar detector can be very expensive, but some can cost very much without having many features, but simply because they belong to a certain brand. Do not let the price fool you, but look for detectors that offer utility in exchange for their price. [Not a valid template]

Decide what you need from your radar detector

After setting your budget, decide what you want from your radar detector. Do you need a laser radar or a normal one, do you need GPS features or a voice activated device? Decide which features will turn out useful for you in order to avoid paying for things you will not need. Look for radar detectors that have a wide range of detection and that use many radio frequencies and buy one that detects X, K, Ka, and laser bands to make sure you will get full detection. Also, check to see if the maps are updated to the latest versions. In order to see which are the best models, read some reviews. You can find some excellent radar detector reviews on [Not a valid template]

Extra features

Some detectors have a GPS system incorporated, while others can alert the driver about the red light cameras, speed traps, areas with construction in progress, intersections that are dangerous to drive through, and many other things. You can also find voice activated detectors or detectors that can be used with Bluetooth and smartphones. Some models offer you the possibility to personalize the detector with your own settings, like routes you use frequently, others have a wide range and can detect false alarms better than other models. The more features the radar detector has, the more expensive it will be, but it could be worth the money to have a more useful and developed radar detector.


When you buy a radar detector make sure you also buy radar accessories, like a kit for placing it on the windshield or on the dash, remote controls, extra cords and travel cases. Also, check to see if the radar detector you chose has an installation kit included.  

Gadgets that Have Changed the World of Sports

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets

During the past few years, the world of sports has been constantly influenced and improved by smart gadgets that have brought new features and have turned sports into more attractive and affordable activities. Some gadgets are specifically designed for a certain type of sports, others are meant for various purposes thus you will be able to enjoy their help regardless of the sport you prefer.

The golf rangefinder

The golf rangefinder is a device that helps golf players calculate the distance from the point where they are standing when they use the device to a certain point on the golf course, like the hole where they want to insert the ball. Golf rangefinders allow players to choose the most appropriate golf club for a specific shot by calculating the distance to the hole, being a very useful tool especially for beginners. With so many rangefinder models available on the market, golf players should do a thorough research in order to select the most accurate device, as well as to understand their features, which can be a difficult task for a beginner golf player. If you take a look at the Leupold GX-2i review while also checking out a Bushnell rangefinder review, you will see that the basics of these devices are the same, the only thing which can differ is the magnification, the accuracy or some small convenience features. However, if there is one thing that we did learn from the Leupold GX-2i review is that convenience features also matter. A rangefinder that delivers not only accurate course readings but also club recommendations can definitely improve a player’s skills. [Not a valid template]


This smart device counts your steps, the stairs you climb, the distance and the calories. With its help, you can measure the distance you have traveled, when you exercise or if you are in the house, and helps you know if you have completed the 10,000 steps required daily if you are among those who want to lose weight or the 6000 steps for a healthy life.

Football goggles

VR Sports EON is gadget that wants to change the way sport players exercise. With the help of a smartphone that controls the VR goggles worn by players, coaches can test different stages in training. Although at first glance this may seem just a play on the computer, the system could give birth to a new form of training in American football.

Jogging desk

The jogging Trek Desk with a built-in desk is a revolutionary gadget consisting in a treadmill and a wide desk with adjustable height which allows a large working area while you jog. This way you can combine the office work and the exercise. [Not a valid template]

Sweat proof headphones

Jaybird SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones with lifetime warranty against sweat. These headphones remain tight against your head regardless of the force to which they are subjected, which is ideal for weightlifters. The headphones are compatible with any smartphone or other devices that has Bluetooth.

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