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Looking for a good Magento downgrade service

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

If you have a shopping cart, then you’re probably using Magento. This platform seems to be the most popular one for ecommerce solutions, offering great features and various options that make it the best alternative currently on the market. The Magento team seems to be working round the clock to offer its users continuous fixes and improvements, reason for which several major upgrades appear every year. However, many shopping carts are still within the small business category and don’t have the need or the budget to pay for upgraded versions of Magento, although the first instinct of every online store owner is to install upgrades. [Not a valid template] If that’s you case to and you’ve upgraded to a version of Magento you don’t have any need for, then what you require is finding a good Magento downgrade service. You might want to give it a shot yourself, but fight that urge with everything you’ve got. Upgrading or downgrading Magento is very complicated and you’ll be saved a lot of headache and trouble if you resort to professional services. As always, the Internet is your starting point, as you will be able to quickly and easily test the waters by searching for a Magento downgrade service online. You will be surprised at the number of results generated by your search engine. Due to the fact that the Magento platforms market has expanded so significantly, many companies made their appearance on the online map providing all sort of services for Magento users, assisting them in a variety of issues. To that extent, you will probably have to sort through them and make a short list of those services that seem most experienced and proficient to you. Then, it will be wise to look for specific information on them, maybe on blogs and forums too see if anybody else used them and what their feedback is. The next step would be getting off the Internet. If you know anybody else who runs a Magento store and you must know if you work in the niche, ask them. It is highly likely that they needed such a service as well, whether downgrade, upgrade, speed optimization or anything else having to do with Magento. This means that they can recommend you a good company and warn you about companies that you should stay away from. All things considered, looking for a Magento downgrade service is not a difficult task and it requires only a little research from your part. Any amount of time that you invest in this research will definitely be less than the amount of time it will take you to figure out how to downgrade the platform yourself. Furthermore, by resorting to professional services you can rest assure that the job is done through experience and expertise and if there are ever any problems, you can fall back on their support and further assistance.  

What is the Best Antivirus for Android Devices and Where Can You Find It?

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

Android devices are very useful in the modern society. They can be used for chatting, making payments, entertainment and much more. However, any device which is connected to the internet needs to be protected against viruses. The most popular mobile devices use the Android operating system and a lot of antivirus programs have been adapted in order to protect Android devices. There are numerous antivirus programs that you can use and unless you have some software knowledge, you will have a hard time finding the best antivirus for Android devices. In this article, we have gathered the Android antivirus programs which have the best reviews. We hope this information will help you choose the right app for your portable device. We have also included some tips on where to find these apps and how to download them. [Not a valid template] AVG Free Antivirus All the antivirus programs presented in this article are very efficient and picking the right one is a decision more likely to depend on personal preferences. AVG is one of the most popular virus protection programs due to the fact that it is very user friendly. It is has a simple interface which allows you to program the device’s scans or to perform them manually. Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus One of the biggest advantages of the Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus program is the fact that it scans your Android device in real time and if we wore to base our decision on the reviews, this is the best antivirus for Android devices. This software is great for people who don’t like to be very invested in the well functioning of their devices. Having this application installed is like having an invisible protection for your operating system which you never have to worry about. [Not a valid template] Kaspersky Mobile Security Another real-time scanning program is Kaspersky Mobile Security which also has other great features such as protection against spam or web protection. The downside of this program is that it is not free. However, if you use your Android device in order to make important payments, it is safer to pay a little for your protection than to run the risk of being hacked and loosing way more money. McAfee Antivirus The main features of this antivirus makes a lot of people consider it not only the best antivirus for Android devices but also the best virus protection for personal computers. It protects the operating system against new viruses but it also has a backup and restore feature. How do you download and install an antivirus for your Android device? You can download these antivirus programs and many others from the official website of the companies providing them. However, in order to make sure that you won’t mistake the official website with a counterfeit page, it is best to download these programs from the official Google Play Store. After you download them, all you have to do is click instal and the selected app will install itself.

Pebble Smartwatch

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Gadgets

Although we have mentioned this in previous articles we feel the need to highlight it again: technology has been advancing at a very fast speed in the last few years. It has advanced so much that we can now own a lot of gadgets that we used to see in science fiction movies. Yet another example of this idea is the new Pebble Smartwatch. One might think that smartphones already have so many features that a smartwatch would be pointless. In fact, smart watches seem to be strongly connected to specialized uses, especially in the world of sports, where gadgets such as the Neo XS GPS watch help people improve their golf performance. They offer the same features and functionality as regular rangefinders, but are more compact, easy to carry and have simple user interfaces. However, the reality is a little different. We are about to show you the main features of this new gadget and how you can use it in order to improve your everyday life [Not a valid template]
  • How does it work
The main purpose of the Pebble Smartwatch is not to replace smartphones but to improve their features. It acts like a satellite for smartphones or tablets. You can see the notifications received on your IOS or Android devices directly on the display of your watch. You might ask yourself what is the point of investing in an additional gadget if its main purpose is to display the notifications of a smart device that you already own. Well, for starters it is a lot more comfortable to check the notifications on your watch instead of searching for your phone. It is very useful when you are carrying things, driving, riding a bike or performing other tasks that require the use of both your hands. The watch can obviously tell time but it also has other features like tracking your fitness activity. There are also a lot of apps and faces which are compatible with it. The interface is user friendly and its basic functions can be easily used by anyone who is a little familiar with smart devices.
  • The design
In its essence, the Pebble Smartwatch is a wearable accessory which is why it comes in an elegant design which can match various outfits. The design is simple yet sophisticated. Due to the fact that it has interactive buttons, it is not all solid like a regular watch. It has a lot of plastic elements which make it unsuitable for a very elegant outfit. Still, it is quite nice looking and it definitely works with all casual outfits and even with office outfits. It is available in white, black, gray, red and orange. It is also customizable in order to satisfy the tastes of even the most pretentious buyers. As you can see, we have almost reached a stage of technological development that we used to see in science fiction movies. A lot of people are so depended on their smartphones that they don’t even realize what other useful gadgets are out there. On you can find a lot of reviews about gadgets and apps that you didn’t even know were out there, from famous smartphones to specialized gadgets such as the NEO XS GPS watch. The advantage of subscribing to such a website is that you can find a lot of gadget related information and you can also compare gadgets and apps in order to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Microsoft Xbox One

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

People who are not in touch with technology have a natural fear of it and fail to see the benefits that they bring to the society. For example, most of the parents of today’s young adults believe that video games are the worst enemies of education and the biggest time wasters. However, they fail to see that these type of games increase creativity and improve various skills such as multitasking, decision making skills and so on. Furthermore, the technology that is connected to video games is highly advanced and it can bring us a lot of benefits. A great example of this idea is the Microsoft Xbox One which is technically a game console but its applicability in the day to day life is incredible. This game console is practically a living room computer with video call options, cable and satellite TV options and the incredible Kinect natural interface. Lets take a closer look at this game console and see whether it is bad for our education or it is a step forward to a modern future. [Not a valid template]
  • Main features
We already listed some of the main features of the Microsoft Xbox One console in the beginning on the article. You can also check this tech reviews here and you can see a more complete list of futures.  However, we need to analyze them better in order to truly understand how useful this console is. The Kinect sensor is not only a great motion control device but it can also recognize faces, understands spoken commands and measure the heart beat. This sensor is not only useful for games but also for making it easier for people to interact with technology. You no longer need to use game pads in order to play games or to navigate the console’s interface. Furthermore, it can be very useful for people who want to stay in shape but don’t have time to hit the gym. If you are interested in things like this check out Nike’s fitness programs which are compatible with the Kinect sensors.  Aside from these sensors, the console itself has many features which allow you to use it for video calls, navigating the internet or watching satellite TV.
  • Is is worth the money?
Microsoft Xbox One is a very interesting game console but it also comes with an astonishing price tag of $700. Withing this price, you receive the console, a power cable, an adapter, a headset, a headset adapter, a HDMI cable and a controller. The price also includes a 14 free trial of the Live Gold package. The console’s design is not much different from the one from the 360 model so the price tag is not justified by an astonishing design. However, if you like the technology in your house to be interactive and easy to use, you won’t regret investing in this game console. Furthermore, the improved Kinect sensors will provide a unique gaming experiencing and a more futuristic interaction with the console’s technology. And because technology has advanced so much in the past few years, you can now install Subway Surfers for PC, which means you could go about installing it on your game console as well. This little dynamic game is perfect when used with a controller, and you may discover your skills are even better than before.

Oculus Rift Development Kit

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

Fantasy is often associated with imagination and creativity. However, when you combine these two elements with knowledge, fantasy can turn into reality. A lot of the things that were once considered to be fantasy, eventually became reality. A lot of technology news today focus on the latest developments in the virtual reality field. Virtual reality is a concept which we often encountered in science fiction movies. However, although this technology exists for a few years now, it hasn’t been used very much because it is very expensive. For example, if you were to own a virtual reality technology, it would be useless unless you had some apps and games which were compatible with it. Still, there are certain gadgets that give us hope that we can soon enjoy virtual reality experiences. Such is the case of the Oculus Rift Development Kit. Lets take a closer look at this new gadget and see how it will influence our world. [Not a valid template]

Main use

The Oculus rift development kit aims to provide realistic 3 dimensional surroundings. According to the technology news today, this device is aimed solely towards the gaming industry for the moment. Although the kit is rather cheap ($300), it is only available for game developers in order for them to try to develop compatible games. Even if you could somehow get your hands on this gadget, it would be useless without compatible apps. However, the manufacturers promise to make the gadget available to customers in 2014 which means that certain apps were already made for it.

What does the kit contain

The kit contains the 3D goggles, unreal engine 4, unity 4 and engine integrators. The Oculus Rift Development Kit uses state of the art technology in order to provide a low latency 360° head tracking, stereoscopic 3D View and an ultra wide field of view. The goggles are a lot more advanced than 3D television goggles because they feature parallel images for each eye, imitating the natural eyesight of the human body, thus ensuring a more realistic experience. The field of view has 110° as the virtual world is expanded beyond the user’s peripheral vision.

What more do you need?

In order to be totally immersed in a virtual reality, you would need to combine the Oculus Rift Development Kit with other gaming elements. For starters, you would need a gaming treadmill so that you can explore a virtual world without banging your head on the walls of your house. Furthermore, the kit would have to be connected to very advanced motion controls which would have to be connected to the games available for the kit. If the gaming treadmill is a reality, the available motion controllers are not as advanced as they should be in order to provide a realistic experience. We hope that game developers will collaborate with motion control manufacturers in order to solve this minor inconvenience in the near future. If you are interested in similar gaming devices as well as in the latest tech news, you should keep in touch with a reliable tech news website such as HcmDigital.Net. This website features useful reviews about the latest gadgets and apps. That being said, tech lovers have nothing else to do than to rely on tech websites in order to find out more information about the public release of the Oculus Rift.

Leap Motion Controller

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

One of the most fascinating elements of science fiction movies is how interactive technology is. In such movies,classic computers and connected devices are replaced by projected monitors and motion controllers. Luckily for us, technology is not so far behind the movies. The first step towards such technologies was the XBOX Kinect device which revolutionized the gaming world, making it a lot more realistic. In 2013, another similar gadget appeared on the market: the leap motion controller. This gadget promises direct control and although similar natural interfaces have been released, we consider the leap motion controller to be the best one so far. Despite the fact that most of the latest gadgets in the market try to have interactive interfaces, few are as advances as this controller. [Not a valid template]
  • Main features
One of the best features of the leap motion controller is the fact that it is very small, about the size of a USB stick. One might say that this aspect is irrelevant if the product is precise. However, size does matter as new technologies should be easy to use and comfortable to carry around. Given the fact that this is a rather new technology, people might be fooled into believing that it is very expensive. However, this gadget costs only $80. Furthermore, the price also includes the adjacent software and access to a market where you can find over 70 leap compatible apps.
  • New technology
When testing the leap motion controller, you can instantly feel that it is rather precise and a lot of work has been put into the details. Nevertheless, certain apps reveal a few flaws in the design. For example, one of the test, projects your hands on the screen would should follow your exact movements. From time to time, certain fingers disappear and the wrists rotate in an unnatural manner. However, the product is rather new and we hope that this issues will be resolved in the near future. Even if we consider this minor flows, this leap motion device is still one of the best new technologies. If you are the type of person who likes to be in touch with new technology, you will greatly enjoy this device.
  • How does it work
One of the ways in which the leap motion controller reads the users intentions is by measuring the space between the user and the screen. For example, when undecided, most users are relaxed and casual in their movements whereas when they want to perform an action their movements are more secure and they often move their fingers closer to the screen, as if tapping invisible buttons in the air. However, this technology cannot replace the mouse as a precise control device. Still, it is a major step forward and we hope that the technology will soon we improved. Maybe this controller represents a new technological age. Perhaps in a few years, all of the latest gadgets in the market will have motion controls.

The Best Time Management Apps

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

In a world where everything is changing and evolving with fast speed, time management has become one of our most serious problems. Due to the fact that we are always on the run and constantly connected to the internet, our attention is dispersed on various subjects which causes us to be slow and inefficient. However, we can use technology to our advantage. Due to the fact that we are constantly connected to it, with the proper apps, we can use it in order to successfully manage our time. The following time management apps will improve your productivity and help you gain some extra free time. [Not a valid template]
  • Organizers and to-do lists
The reason why paper organizers and lists are no longer efficient is because they are time confusing, messy and very counteractive. People who have paper planners often forget even to read them everyday let alone update them. This is where planning apps can help you. There are countless to-do apps and organizer apps that you can try. Our favorite one so far is Wunderlist. This easy app allows you to create several lists (shopping, work, home, movies to watch, etc.). Each element that you add to the list can be updated with notes and reminders. Furthermore, the app also makes a weekly schedule based on all of your reminders. You can also record, take pictures and upload files. The reason why we like this app is due to the fact that it is very easy to use and very interactive. If Wunderlist does not match your style, you can try other time management apps such as EverNote, MyLifeOrganized (MLO) or Remember The Milk. Nowadays we look for time management and saving more time in everything we do, precisely because our lives are so much busier and we want to accomplish more. Even web design has become transformed, with designers going for streamlined features that help the user navigate with ease. Web design in Los Angeles is following this trend especially, and they are the top innovators in the field.
  • Apps for increasing productivity
Each person has different excuses for not being productive. Some have too much on their heads while others are severe procrastinators. Lucky, there are a lot of time management apps that can help with these problems and improve your productivity. They are very useful for work as well as extracurricular projects. For example, Rescue Time is an application that sends you weekly reports based on your everyday input in order to help you analyze what activities are most time wasteful. Focus booster is very helpful for procrastinators as it helps the users enhance their focus. If you want to track time spent on projects, you will find Toggl to be a very interesting app.
  • Managing your files
If you manage a lot of important files you should definitely back them up in order to make sure that none of them will ever be lost. One of the best such apps is Syncback Freeware. Another great time managing app is Dropbox which allows you to upload various files and access them from various devices. In Dropbox, you can also create groups where more people can upload files which are visible for the whole group so this is a great app for team projects. Before purchasing an app, but any other kind of product for that matter, you need to verify its quality in various sources in order to make sure everything is as advertised. For more reviews of the above apps, but for other articles related to media, apps, gadgets and technology, check out AgeOfInnovation.Org and you’ll be able to compare and choose to your liking. Moreover, you may stumble onto products that you didn’t know about, but which might be very useful to you, such as the time management apps presented here.

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