Cool Gadgets for Growing Indoor Plants

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets

Many people don’t start growing their own food or do not grow plants because they don’t have outdoor space where they could start gardening or the indoor environment is not proper for plants to grow and flower. Luckily, with all the latest gardening gadgets the indoor plants can thrive better than plants grown outside. Here are some of the most useful gadgets for growing indoor plants. [Not a valid template]

Click and Grow

This stylish-looking white box allows you to grow herbs and house plants in potted cartridges without creating any mess and without much intervention from your side. All you have to do is place the seedlings in the cartridge, install the batteries in the device, fill the box with water and place it in a sunny window. The hydrometer inside the gadget keep a proper moisture level, the fertilizer capsules are designed to decompose gradually to ensure the plants enough nutrients and a flashing blue light will remind you when it is time to refill the box with water. [Not a valid template]

USB plant sensor

The EasyBloom sensor helps you keep a track of the light, temperature, air humidity and soil moisture levels of your plants by placing the sensor into the ground for 24 hours to allow it to gather the data. Then you have to connect it to a USB port and let it sync the information with its database so that you will find out what your plants need to thrive. [Not a valid template]

Led grow lights

Besides soil and water, plants need light in order to grow and become productive and with an indoor garden, light can be a problem if you do not have well-lighted rooms. In this aspect, you could search the web for a led grow lights comparison of the top rated led grow lights for indoor plants. These artificial lights are the best solution for delivering your plants enough light to help them grow properly. Various types of Led grow lights emit various types of lights designed for each growing cycle so that your plants will get the proper light they need to grow indoors. Based on our recent led grow lights comparison, the AeroGarden Ultra is one of the top rated led grow lights for indoor plants. It consists of a base that holds the pots, a lamp with 3 full-spectrum lights and an LCD screen that displays the gadget’s controls. [Not a valid template]


If you want to grow your own herbs, the Windowfarms device is the best gadget for you because it can hold small pots perfect for growing your favorite herbs. This gadget consists of a wire frame that holds 4 small pots where you have to put your plants. What this device does is water the plants through the pump that circulates water and fertilizer from the top pot to the bottom pot.
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