Cutting Edge Features of Modern Beauty Tools

Written by Jess Hannigan. Posted in Tech

Beauty tools are becoming more sophisticated and they have more options than ever. In this article, we will be discussing the cutting edge features of the most used modern beauty tools. Therefore, if you are interested in upgrading some of them, you know what useful features to look for. [Not a valid template]

Flat irons

One of the most important cutting edge features of the modern flat irons is the adjustable temperature. Flat irons that have fixed temperature perform well only if they are set at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be too high for certain people. Flat irons with adjustable temperature give more control over the device, especially if you have thin hair and you want to protect it from getting burnt and deteriorated. Another great feature to look for is the automatic shut-off. We all know you can’t finish styling your hair in less than 20 minutes, and here is where this feature comes in to save your hair. Once every 20 minutes it automatically shuts off for a short time. The time can be adjusted by you, from 20 minutes to one hour, but it’s safer to set it 20 minutes to be sure you don’t deteriorate your hair too much. [Not a valid template]

Hair dryer

If you care about the environment, you will definitely throw your old hair dryer away to buy a new one that has automatic shut-off. This neat and amazing feature turns the hair dryer off every time you put it down, and it starts again automatically when you lift it. Think of how much money you could save on your bill over time if you had this cutting edge feature on your hair dryer. Also, if you are tired of your hair tangling and being hard to brush after you wash it and dry it off, buy a hair dryer that has the steam dryer feature. It softens your hair, this way allowing you to brush it easily. Your air will definitely not be pulled and ripped ever again when you brush after you dry it. [Not a valid template]

Electric shaver

No man wants to go out of the house to an important office meeting with only half of the face hair shaved because the electric shaver doesn’t have batteries anymore. If you are pressured by time, and you forgot to charge the battery on the electric shaver, stress no more about it, because some models come with a power cord you plug in the electric shaver to continue the job and not get out of the house looking ridiculous. Another cutting edge feature of modern electric shavers is the long-hair trimmer. You can use this feature to trim your sideburns and other long hair parts of your body easily, without having to buy a separate device for them, and the size to which it should trim is adjustable as well. The best electric shavers also come with cleaning stations, meant to sanitize the blades and lubricate them so that they can lost longer. On you can also find shavers that come with cooling technologies meant to prevent rashes on sensitive skin.
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