Designing a hair salon appointment app – steps to follow

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Owning a beauty hair salon today, considering that competition is extremely high in this industry has become quite a challenge. There are many aspects that need to be taken care of and investments to make to ensure the business runs smoothly and employees are efficient. One very good investment worth making is a hair salon appointment app. Thus, if you plan to take advantage of the technological advances and digitalization, here are the most important steps you need to follow throughout this process.  [Not a valid template]

Find the best app designer

The first step is to do some online research and look for the best app designer. In your research, you may find designers that are located in different cities or even foreign countries, but you should not consider this a decisive selection criterion. With the Internet at your fingertips nowadays, communication has become a lot easier, which means that even if you hire a designer that lives thousand miles away from you, you can still find a means of communication and benefit from the best results.

Ensure your needs are understood

It is essential to discuss with the designer as much as possible before they even start the designing process. The reason is quite simple: they must understand exactly what your requirements are, what your business needs and how this salon appointment app should help your employees be more efficient.

Essential UX aspects worth considering

  • UX (or User Experience as it is also known) is a crucial aspect when designing an app. It is essential you make the app compatible for various types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Even though it will be used only by your employees to keep track on the salon appointments, it is still important to make it compatible, so that employees do not have to resort to the same device whenever they have to make any changes in the schedule.
  • Another UX aspect that must be taken into account is responsiveness. It is mandatory the app designer creates a responsive program that runs smoothly on any device and that provides immediate response to any command. Although it will be used as an internal app within the walls of the beauty salon, this does not mean it should be less responsive.
  • The design itself is another UX aspect. Since it is a hair salon appointment app, it is mandatory to have a specific interface and design, so that it does not create any confusion. Placing the right buttons in the right place is what makes the app easy to use. Making it looking too fancy or including too many colours or images may not be a great idea considering that the only ones that will be using the app are your employees. Keep it simple and effective.
All in all, these steps are only the three most important ones that must be followed throughout this process. Surely there are many other aspects that need to be kept in mind, but these ones are best discussed with the app designer.

Traci Robinson

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