Factors to value when looking for network switches

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In order for a network to be considered reliable, it needs several important things and one of them is the network switch. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, it is essential that you ensure your network is set up properly, as it is the thing that connects you to the outside world. Before you start your online research seeking for the right provider to buy Cisco Catalyst 3560G Series Switches from, it is best you take a look at the most important factors to consider when it comes to these devices. [Not a valid template]

It must be easy to configure

Experts in the field advise people to look for switches that will not give them any headaches the moment they have to configure the devices. It is best to search for one that comes equipped with common configurations for all types of devices you intend to connect it to, such as PCs, IP phones, printers and so on. Some switches allow the user to configure an IP phone by simply clicking on a port and assigning a configuration. The switch will automatically configure the specific port and support the phone.

It must be easy to manage too

It is important that the switch is easy to manage as well, because this will give you more control when it comes to the traffic that comes in and out of the network you operate on. Ensure the device you buy provides a web-based user interface. This will make the setup process a lot easier for you. Another feature these devices should include is the easy-to-use discovery tool, which can help you connect the switch to various other devices on the network.

Opt for energy efficient switches

It is worth mentioning that switches tend to consume high amounts of energy, as they are supposed to be left on permanently. In order to reduce the costs of your utility bills, as well as to protect the environment, it is advisable you resort to a switch that is energy efficient.

Look for quality-of-service support

Switches that come equipped with quality-of-service support are meant to offer priority to specific types of network traffic, as it is the case of real-time voice data. For instance, a switch that has the quality-of-service feature installed can be set up to provide priority to email traffic over telephone traffic, so that when large files are being downloaded, the speed is not affected if at the same time someone is on a call.

Security features are crucial

The importance of security features couldn’t be stressed enough. The best choice is a switch that comes with built-in security features, because it can protect your vital business data more efficiently. For instance, embedded security will help you encrypt network communications, so that in case someone tries to hack them or to find out what you have been talking there, they cannot.

Support for various languages

Buying a switch that comes with support for various native languages is a great choice, because you can use it regardless of the location of your offices or the language your employees are speaking.

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