Finding qualified staff for the automotive industry

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Businesses operating in the automotive industry today are facing a great challenge in finding qualified staff. There was a time when all high school seniors were contemplating applying to technical colleges or universities, pursuing a career in automotive, because that was the trend and that was the industry that registered the highest growth, so everybody considered it to be the best for one’s financial future. However, in time, the popularity of the industry decreased and students embraced a new trend, that of non-technical. Everybody wanted to be an artist, so there was an increase in applications for arts colleges, pursuing sculpting scholarships or paining or interior design or dancing and so on. Recently, there has been a returned to the technical field, not directed towards the automotive industry however, but towards the IT field. To that extent, companies within the auto industry and vehicle repair shops have a hard time finding qualified candidates, which is why many of them resort to automotive industry recruitment consultancy services. These come as a great help and support in the recruitment process. [Not a valid template] There are companies or repair shops that think they are better off trying to find the right staff themselves, believing that they can save money this way and that they can make use of the modern channels of communication to recruit. Indeed, the online environment offers this possibility, as there are now several job searching and application platforms that companies can advertise their opening jobs on and candidates can apply. However, due to the shortage of qualified individuals in the field, meaning persons who have actually graduated from a college or university or even courses in the field, companies may experience a high volume of applications from candidates who are not at all qualified in the field. This is both frustrating and time consuming, so the best course of action would be resorting to automotive industry recruitment consultancy services. There are numerous and various recruitment agencies in the UK, but through careful research you should be able to find one that is actually specialised in recruiting in the automotive field.   This is an industry that provides great employment opportunities, even though its popularity has decreased and there are various types of jobs available, from auto technicians and paint sprayers to panel beater jobs and body shop fitters. By using an automotive industry recruitment consultancy company, you can rest assured that you gain access to their portfolio of candidates, which is already filtered and classified, meaning you’ll only get applicants who actually fit the role. This saves you significant time and allows you to focus on more important aspects of running your business, not to mention the fact that it helps you fill in the position a lot faster. The bottom line is that finding qualified staff for the automotive industry is not an impossible task, but companies operating in the field do need to resort to the guidance and assistance of specialised recruitment agencies.

Traci Robinson

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