Five common things you should test regularly on your website

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When creating a website, designers have to take into account a series of factors, including the website’s usability. In order to benefit from the best results, and to attract many visitors, it has to be perfect. For this reason, many designers resort to some companies that provide professional services related to website testing to determine website design vs. function. There are many companies of this type and is one good example.  If you are interested in such a service, to do is some quick research on the Internet to help you determine which company best fits both your needs and budget. Below are the the top five things that should be regularly tested on any website: [Not a valid template]


The most basic form of website testing is related to links.  The moment you go from the testing environment to launching your website, some relevant inks tend to get lost within the transition.  You cannot have control of other links to websites that you do not own. It is recommended to test each page manually before you load the website and release it by clicking on each link to see if it is active or not. You can also use a link checker e to run through the website.

Browser compatibility

You  might have accessed at least one website that shows it’s not compatible with the browser you are using. Some website owners  advise visitors which browser is best compatible for the site, and it can frustrating and annoying to change your default browser only to visit a certain website. It is recommended to ensure your website is at least functional on the most common and latest versions of browsers.

Make sure e-commerce works properly

If your website is intended to sell products, you should make sure the services work properly. You can lose serious money if people are not able to add products to the cart or to contact you through the contact form. Having these issues can make you lose potential customers.


The purpose of auto-replies is to connect users that leave comments on the website to the supplier or the website owner. Most of the time, this service is set and forgotten, but if it is not checked every now and then, the information sent through these auto-replies can become out-of date.

Site optimisation

If you have some bugs on the website, this will make the loading process takes longer and viewers tend to abandon  the site. Make sure that you have optimised content and images, and test the loading time.

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