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  Google Shopping becomes more important and popular by the day, but even so, there are still many people that claim that up until now, they have never used the tool AdWords has put at their disposal. According to experts, shopping campaigns are a great strategy for all e-commerce companies. Nevertheless, to benefit from great results, you will have to resort to the services of experts in PPC advertising and Website Promoter is one very good example of agency to resort to. Below in this article, you will find some steps you need to follow to master Google Shopping in AdWords. [Not a valid template]

Step 1 – the shopping feed

First things first, you will have to create a merchant centre account in order to be able to utilize AdWords within your e-commerce business. Once you own one, you can create Google shopping feed. This step is very important, because the feed will help you manage your products and a specific set of attributes which you will have to fill in to promote your ads on Google shopping.

Step 2 – the shopping ads

You should know that most PPC ads are generating from the shopping feed, images and so on, all of them are present on your website. The data of all of this content is used by Google to show your ads to various searchers that are interested in purchasing the same type of products you are promoting.

Step 3 – the shopping account

It was already mentioned that to be able to set up PPC advertising campaigns, you will first need to own a Google merchant centre account. You can create one in a matter of minutes only. You will also need an account on Google AdWords and to establish some policies on your site in order to match the ones of Google.

Step 4 – the shopping alert

This setting is optional, but it is a very useful one that you should take advantage of. It allows you to set up Google alerts that will notify you in real time whenever there are any price drops for instance, or that will help you monitor your competitors more efficiently.

Step 5 – the shopping campaigns

Now you have all your shopping data feed set up, but your work isn’t done yet. The last thing to do is to link everything up to your Google AdWords account and start showing your ads. Use AdWords to select the bids, locations, schedule and any other details you want for your PPC advertising campaign.

Feeling overwhelmed? Resort to professional help

Planning a successful PPC campaign may be over your duties and may get your frustrated. When this happens, know that you can always resort to the services of a professional online marketing agency and let them do the advertising campaign on your behalf. If you go for this option though, make sure the agency you select is the best one on the market, that they can completely understand your business and do their best to meet and even exceed your expectations. Reading some reviews about the marketing agencies you have found may help you make the right decision.

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