Four tasks to outsource to freelancers

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The popularity of freelancing sites clearly shows that business owners no longer have to rely on in-house departments to get the job done. On the contrary, the Web allows them to meet talented and professional freelancers that do a wide range of tasks without requiring long term commitment or preparatory training. You can find a freelancer in just about any field, from marketing to design, but these five tasks are the most sought after on free job posting sites. Although you can hire new personnel for them, it would be much more profitable to post a project on an online marketplace. [Not a valid template]

Copywriting and social media

  Social media presence is the modern way to engage clients, promote loyalty and increase brand awareness, but if you have a startup with five employees, asking one of them to posts Facebook updates can affect your productivity. Except for large corporations that can afford to pay for their own social media departments, regular companies pay freelancers to be responsible for their online presence. The same thing can be said about copywriting. If you don’t have the time or skills to post fresh new content on your company blog or write press releases, you should definitely hire a freelancer.  

Data entry

  No matter the field in which you work, you will probably need a form of data entry services at one point. This job can be extremely tedious and time consuming, but you can create a project on a job posting site and see that hundreds of people are up for it. You can hire a freelancer if you have some scanned pages that need to go in a spreadsheet or an interview that has to be transcribed. No matter the type of data entry, make sure you check the reputation of the freelancer on the platform where you hire him.  

Customer Support

  Customer support is one of the first tasks to ever have been outsourced. Some of the world’s biggest companies do it and, if you care about your clients, you should do it too. Hire one or more freelancers to answer calls and reply to customer emails on your behalf and you will make time for other internal processes. However, this is a task where the freelancers need a certain level of training, because they will be acting as your representatives, so they need to know a few things about your company.  


  We live in an interconnected, multicultural world where business owners often have to interact with people who speak a different language. A freelance translator can help you with contracts and other company documents and he can even accompany at meetings to make notes. If you want to make your website available to people from other countries or send press releases to foreign publications, these professionals will get the job done in the shortest time possible and you will not need to hire someone full time or try to do it yourself with automated translation tools.

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