From gaming to ribbons – an unexpected journey

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Gadgets

I am what you may call a gamer. I am not a passionate one and I don’t renounce at life’s pleasures to stay locked in my room and play, but I do like to try out everything that appears on the web and I do return to some “old passions” like Origins, CrossFire or Sniper Elite. Although I have always played just for fun and to relax, I was always keen on winning all sorts of trophy awards and ribbons in all the games and I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that I even bought them sometimes. I even remember that, a couple of years ago, some of my friends wanted to make fun of my guilty pleasure and got me a Sniper Elite ribbon for my birthday, calling it my custom made birthday ribbon. As funny as that may be, they gave a great idea: personalised birthday ribbons. I knew that there already were several manufacturers and sellers of printed ribbons, but that field still seemed widely unexplored to me, especially considering that all you could ever find were those traditional, common messages, like Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. [Not a valid template] So, I researched the market a little and dig up some stuff and I realised that this business could be highly profitable if done right. First, I thought I should appeal to people just like me, passionate about gaming and create ribbons with special messages for them, maybe even ones that looked exactly like the ribbons in the game. I was convinced that kids and teenagers would go crazy for them and I was right. I printed the first birthday ribbon of the sort for a kid in my neighbourhood, who’s birthday was coming up and every one of his friends loved it and were jealous of it. Soon, I had tens of orders from all the parents in the neighbourhood, wanting to get them for their kids. Then, of course, I began extending, as I wanted to appeal to a different audience as well. I diversified the range of ribbon fabrics and the messages printed, targeting not only birthdays, but also anniversaries and other special events, although I stayed clear of the common ones, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, as the market was extended enough in that area. The bottom line is that I never thought there would ever be a transition from gaming to ribbons, especially since, if you think about it, gaming is such a masculine passion and ribbons are such a feminine one, no offense intended. Anyway, my business idea to create customised and personalised birthday ribbon bows based on ribbons from different games turned out to be very profitable and very catchy. I am still in this business and I can tell you, people love the idea of personalising everything, even the smallest accessories, such as the ribbons they use to wrap presents. I guess it’s the whole seeking of originality trend or something like that.

Traci Robinson

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