Gadgets that Have Changed the World of Sports

Written by Lester Jacobs. Posted in Gadgets

During the past few years, the world of sports has been constantly influenced and improved by smart gadgets that have brought new features and have turned sports into more attractive and affordable activities. Some gadgets are specifically designed for a certain type of sports, others are meant for various purposes thus you will be able to enjoy their help regardless of the sport you prefer.

The golf rangefinder

The golf rangefinder is a device that helps golf players calculate the distance from the point where they are standing when they use the device to a certain point on the golf course, like the hole where they want to insert the ball. Golf rangefinders allow players to choose the most appropriate golf club for a specific shot by calculating the distance to the hole, being a very useful tool especially for beginners. With so many rangefinder models available on the market, golf players should do a thorough research in order to select the most accurate device, as well as to understand their features, which can be a difficult task for a beginner golf player. If you take a look at the Leupold GX-2i review while also checking out a Bushnell rangefinder review, you will see that the basics of these devices are the same, the only thing which can differ is the magnification, the accuracy or some small convenience features. However, if there is one thing that we did learn from the Leupold GX-2i review is that convenience features also matter. A rangefinder that delivers not only accurate course readings but also club recommendations can definitely improve a player’s skills. [Not a valid template]


This smart device counts your steps, the stairs you climb, the distance and the calories. With its help, you can measure the distance you have traveled, when you exercise or if you are in the house, and helps you know if you have completed the 10,000 steps required daily if you are among those who want to lose weight or the 6000 steps for a healthy life.

Football goggles

VR Sports EON is gadget that wants to change the way sport players exercise. With the help of a smartphone that controls the VR goggles worn by players, coaches can test different stages in training. Although at first glance this may seem just a play on the computer, the system could give birth to a new form of training in American football.

Jogging desk

The jogging Trek Desk with a built-in desk is a revolutionary gadget consisting in a treadmill and a wide desk with adjustable height which allows a large working area while you jog. This way you can combine the office work and the exercise. [Not a valid template]

Sweat proof headphones

Jaybird SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones with lifetime warranty against sweat. These headphones remain tight against your head regardless of the force to which they are subjected, which is ideal for weightlifters. The headphones are compatible with any smartphone or other devices that has Bluetooth.
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