Guide for riding an Electric One Wheel scooter

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  Smart scooters have been used recently almost in every field, from park to show entertaining.  There are two versions of smart vehicles, one wheel type and two wheels type, and either beginners or professionals can use both of them. Some people think that it is easier to ride a two-wheel one, because it gives you more control, but the solo wheel can be also easily ridden. A Self Balance Scooter may look hard and not safe to control when you first see it but there are some simple steps that help you become a very good solo wheel rider. [Not a valid template]

Safety comes first

Riding this scooter is similar to riding a bike or wearing roller-skates. It can be dangerous and when your ride it for the first time is difficult to maintain your stability. However, you may have noticed that in the last 10 years, people protect themselves while doing any kind of activity. People wear a headgear every time they participate in a sport activity. They use it very often while biking. The helmets used by bikers are the same ones that should be used by unicyclists. Some manufacturers produce helmets especially made for unicyclists and they are built with increased rearward protection. You may think that their price is a little greater than of the usual ones, but it will definitely worth, for your safety. Alongside with the helmet you should also buy shoulder pads, kneepads, mitts and hand pads, because when studying how to maintain your stability you may fall once or twice. If you lose your stability, you may have instantly put outside the palms, before falling on the sidewalk. This situation may represent a danger because your arms may get hurt, so do not forget to correctly guard the wrist. Do not go on the unicycle before having the accessories that will offer you protection.

Riding for the first time

When you first use a single wheel scooter, go into a doorway or in a place where you can keep to something on the sides. After you get used with it and learn how to maintain your stability, you may want to learn how to jump curbs. The name for jumping while riding is bunny hop and it can be done if your follow exactly the next steps. You have to lower the air pressure and make sure that the edge of the unicycle is not near the floor. Cease it with a single pedal forward and the other one backward. After that, you have to hold the seat entrance with your hand and let your body down. The next step is to promptly force the upper half of your body and come back. After your body rises you have to self-balance the unicycle and flex up your knees. Do not try to go straight on the street on your first day of riding, because it is not safe either for you or for the others. Take time and rehearse inside your house, or in your garden.  

Traci Robinson

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