How did floating speakers become so popular? 

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If one could use one word to describe the times we are living today, that word would probably be automation. Technology has managed to reach every aspect of our lives, especially since there are new dedicated gadgets that seem to appear overnight. However, if there is one product that defines perfectly modernity, style, technology and performance, that would undoubtedly be the floating speaker. This may sound weird but there actually exists such thing as a speaker that can levitate. Only the sound of it is extremely cool, but how about owning one? The device has become very popular lately, which is why a large number of dedicated manufacturers has started to create this product. Of course, the beautiful design and increased performance are helping a lot when it comes to winning the audience, but how did a piece of floating speakers become so popular? Read on to find out the evolution of this gadget, from its beginning to present times. [Not a valid template]

The evolution of speakers – from bulkiness to elegance

When you think about sound systems, the thing that comes to your mind it probably a pair of bulky boxes that have to be connected to another device and also plugged in to get electricity. Well, this is actually the old way of doing it. In the past years, wireless speakers have been launched and ever since, people started to forget about listening to loud music in a typical way. The products have been on the market for quite some time now, but until recently they were characterized by lousy performance and troublesome operating system. However, manufacturers have perfected their gadgets and you can now you can enjoy great efficiency in exchange for competitive prices. Furthermore, a new element has been added: now, modern speakers can even levitate – that is definitely something no one would have seen coming 10 years ago. Floating speakers are of course wireless – they can be connected via Bluetooth to almost any mobile device. They also have a USB port, but the main connection is made through the performing Bluetooth system. Apparently, the gadget is not only popular at the moment, but it has launched a technology trend that is here to stay.

What makes these speakers so special?

If you are to define a floating speaker, the first word that will come to your mind is definitely futurism. Most buyers claim they have been initially attracted by the stylish design – and there is no wonder, taking into consideration that the device is beautiful and neat. No matter what you purchase, you have to admit that the aspect is the first thing that gets your attention, and levitating speakers are no exception. However, after using it, people can also confirm the product is way more than just about the looks: it is also extremely efficient. Its battery has a great life span and the quality of the sound it emits reaches the highest standards. This makes the speaker suitable to personal use or even to a small party.  

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