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It is the era of rush and technological advances and this has brought some major changes in people’s lives. Probably one of the most influential inventions of all times is the internet. Ever since its release, more and more people wanted to have access to this unlimited resource of information. Some companies decided to create their own websites in order to make their products and services known to the large public, for which they hired professional web developers. If you are interested in finding a developer or want to know what work they actually do, you can learn more here. These are the most important questions to ask your future web developer. [Not a valid template]

Do you have any experience in the domain?

As the manager of a company, you want it to benefit from a well-established and user-friendly website, so making sure you select the best web developer in the region is mandatory. One of the first and most important questions to ask a web developer before hiring them is whether they have at least a few years of experience in the domain or not. It is recommended to opt for an experienced developer, because they will know exactly how to handle any situation and on what aspects to focus more in order to obtain the best results and to please their clients.

Can I see your portfolio?

Another important question you should ask your future web developer is whether they own a portfolio containing all their works and projects or not. Even though they say they have vast experience in the industry, you should not take their word for granted. It is advisable to ask them to show you some samples of the projects they worked in the past. If you want, you can even come in contact with some of their clients, or just take a look at those clients’ websites and see with your own eyes the results.

Do you offer other services too?

It is worth mentioning that some web developers only handle creating the website itself and they do not provide other types of services. Others instead, may offer you SEO services, as it is the case of or PPC management. It is important to ask this aspect from the very beginning in order to make sure the moment you sign a contract with that developer everything is cleared out and there will be no misunderstandings at the end of the project.  It is recommended to opt for a developer that also provides SEO or PPC management services, because they are the ones that design your website and know it better than anyone else.

How long will it take until is ready to use?

This is one of the questions that should be asked at the end of the interview, after you have established all the other important details with your future web developer. You should know from the beginning how much time the developer would allocate to design your website. It is true that the period might vary according to the type of the website, its purpose and so on, but you should have at least an estimated date.  

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