Innovative Dishwashers with Futuristic Features

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You’ve probably missed all the innovative ideas for dishwashers, because they are the least-excited type of kitchen appliance. We present you some great multifunctional dishwashers with futuristic features. Forget about those big and wasteful traditional dishwashers. It’s time for new designs. Check out these 4 innovative dishwashers. [Not a valid template]

Incognito dishwasher

An incognito dishwasher, such as the KitchenAid Briva Dishwasher, can be very subtle, but also functional at the same time. It has a quiet operation system and a FlashDry technology. It is indeed small but it has enough space to wash small loads, plates with a diameter of up to 11 inches and bowl of different sizes. It’s perfect for those who are always in a rush, because it washes the dishes in half the time a standard dishwasher does(from 18 to 30 minutes). If you want to clean small bowls or cooking utensils, set a 2-minute rising cycle. Moreover, it requires up to 50% less water than regular dishwashers. Another great feature is that it can also be used as a food preparation area (a counter) and as a sink, without taking additional space of the countertop area

Shape-shifting dishwashers

The Electtrolux shape-shifting LESF is a great concept in terms of futuristic dishwashers. It resembles a rollercoaster for plates. It may sound strange, but it is actually very easy to use. Just put the dirty plates or bowls in the dishwasher, set the machine and that’s it. After the machine washes and dries the dishes, it changes their form (if you wish). The plates are made up from polypropylene and nylon strains. The electrostatic flocking combined with the electrostatic contact points from the plates makes them change form. Therefore, you can reshaped your plates or bowls according to your need.

Mural dishwashers

A mural dishwasher is similar to a horizontal bookcase. This wall-unit, designed by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard has an innovative but simple design. Not only it is multi-functional and stylish but it also allows you to view the entire process of cleaning. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use! Just places the dirty dishes on the rack. Next, the dishwasher starts cleaning the dishes, moving from one cabinet to the other. At the end of the cycle the dishes are stored on the rack. The best feature of this mural dishwasher is that it acts as a full-time storage space for your dishes.

Soapless dishwashers

Traditional dishwashers can be very burdensome for some people. You need to rinse the dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwashers and spend amounts of money of detergent. Nowadays, dishwashers have become more practical. A soapless dishwashers, such as the Steam Dishwasher by Vicent Liew cleans dishes with no soap required. The secret lies in the steam function of a soapless dishwasher. Dishes are cleaned and sanitize with the help of pressurized steam and water. After the dishes are cleaned, they are rinsed with the water that was originally used to steam. The process called “Membrane Technology” separates food particles from water. So there’s no danger in used water. It’s totally safe to be reused in the next wash. As you can imagine, innovation comes with a price and it will be a while until the average person will be able to afford these futuristic dishwashers. Nevertheless, there are many other modern dishwashers that can ease your chores. You can read about the best of them on They may not all look like they’re owned by the Jetsons, but they will get the job done. Moreover, the best of them come with energy efficiency upgrades.

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