Latest Full-Stack Developer Survey Offers Some Surprises

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Do you think you have a pretty good handle on the worldwide full-stack developer picture? If so, you might want to take a look at the 2016 developer survey from Stack Overflow, the global online community for software developers looking to communicate, collaborate, and just hang out. There were a lot of surprises in this year’s survey, as evidenced by responses from Tech Republic and other technology media outlets.   For the record, the summary of the 2016 report says a new question is asked in the community every 8 seconds or so. They decided to turn the tables and ask 45 questions of their own to gauge the state of the developer community. More than 56,000 developers from 177 countries participated. Below are some of the biggest surprises.  

Developer Titles and Occupations

  To start with, roughly 71% of all of the survey respondents initially identified themselves as developers at the beginning of the survey. But when Stack Overflow asked them to be more specific about their titles, things got interesting. The top five responses were as follows:  
  1. Full-Stack Web Developer – 28.0%
  2. Back-End Web Developer – 12.2%
  3. Student – 11.4%
  4. Mobile Developer – 8.4%
  5. Desktop Developer – 6.9%.
  What’s surprising here is the fact that there is a growing perception within the developer world that full-stack web development is dying out. The outlook is so grim in some places that identifying yourself as a full-stack developer is almost a badge of honor demonstrating your courage to continue boldly going where fewer and fewer developers dare to tread. But the numbers from the 2016 survey suggests otherwise. Full-stack is still alive.   Stack Overflow went on to ask participants what their official occupations were. As we would expect, nearly 72% said they were developers. So then why did 60% claim to be programmers and another 42% claim to be engineers? Is there not a distinct difference between these three occupations? The fact that there is overlap tells us something about the mindset of open stack developers. They see themselves working across multiple occupations just as they do multiple layers in the stack. [Not a valid template]

Preferred Programming Languages

  According to Tech Republic, the average full-stack developer is comfortable with up to six programming languages while specialized developers can work in four or fewer. When Stack Overflow asked survey respondents what their preferred programming languages were, JavaScript came out on top with more than 85% of the vote. It was followed by SQL, C#, PHP, and Angular. JavaScript being number one isn’t so surprising given the prevalence of the language across the web, but the fact that straight Java didn’t make the top five is surprising.  

Software Developer Age

  Last but not least, the data pertaining to average software developer age is rather surprising. The average age is 29.6 years while the median is 27. But surprisingly enough, just over 7% of the survey respondents said they were younger than 20. That is quite a significant number.   When you break down average age by country, India is at the bottom of the scale at 25.5 years; the U.S. tops the list at 32 years. This makes sense. It also indicates that those under-20 survey respondents were probably not Americans for the most part.   The annual developer survey from Stack Overflow is always a good source of information to help us understand the full stack software developer community. This year’s survey is certainly no disappointment. Take a look for yourself if you are curious to know how the average full-stack developer sees the world.

Traci Robinson

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