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One of the most fascinating elements of science fiction movies is how interactive technology is. In such movies,classic computers and connected devices are replaced by projected monitors and motion controllers. Luckily for us, technology is not so far behind the movies. The first step towards such technologies was the XBOX Kinect device which revolutionized the gaming world, making it a lot more realistic. In 2013, another similar gadget appeared on the market: the leap motion controller. This gadget promises direct control and although similar natural interfaces have been released, we consider the leap motion controller to be the best one so far. Despite the fact that most of the latest gadgets in the market try to have interactive interfaces, few are as advances as this controller. [Not a valid template]
  • Main features
One of the best features of the leap motion controller is the fact that it is very small, about the size of a USB stick. One might say that this aspect is irrelevant if the product is precise. However, size does matter as new technologies should be easy to use and comfortable to carry around. Given the fact that this is a rather new technology, people might be fooled into believing that it is very expensive. However, this gadget costs only $80. Furthermore, the price also includes the adjacent software and access to a market where you can find over 70 leap compatible apps.
  • New technology
When testing the leap motion controller, you can instantly feel that it is rather precise and a lot of work has been put into the details. Nevertheless, certain apps reveal a few flaws in the design. For example, one of the test, projects your hands on the screen would should follow your exact movements. From time to time, certain fingers disappear and the wrists rotate in an unnatural manner. However, the product is rather new and we hope that this issues will be resolved in the near future. Even if we consider this minor flows, this leap motion device is still one of the best new technologies. If you are the type of person who likes to be in touch with new technology, you will greatly enjoy this device.
  • How does it work
One of the ways in which the leap motion controller reads the users intentions is by measuring the space between the user and the screen. For example, when undecided, most users are relaxed and casual in their movements whereas when they want to perform an action their movements are more secure and they often move their fingers closer to the screen, as if tapping invisible buttons in the air. However, this technology cannot replace the mouse as a precise control device. Still, it is a major step forward and we hope that the technology will soon we improved. Maybe this controller represents a new technological age. Perhaps in a few years, all of the latest gadgets in the market will have motion controls.

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