Levitating speakers – more than just a fancy gadget 

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In the past years, technology has reached new dimensions and new gadgets seem to be more and more stylish and performing. Recently, floating speakers are the product everyone is keen on buying, and for good reason. Besides looking like an object out of this world, the device is also very efficient and offers users the highest standards of quality. [Not a valid template]

Floating speakers have a futuristic look

When looking for a levitating speaker, the first thing that will definitely catch your attention is the design. This device looks extremely stylish, fashionable and futurist, and this is clearly a plus. Whether you go for a traditional round model, with a levitating sphere, or one with a flat design, wither of these will look extremely appealing on your night stand or your desk. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile, creating a gadget that is not only very beautiful and nice to look at, but also extremely performing.

Which are the features of such a device?

To begin with, you need to understand how it is possible for the speaker to float. Each of the two components consist in a magnet that repel each other, so while the upper part flows, the lower part keeps it close. Another relevant thing you must know is that levitating speakers are powered by batteries. These are integrated in the apparatus’ structure and are rechargeable – so you will have to make sure you charge them before using the speaker. Although the battery life varies from one product to another, ranging from 5 hours to 15 hours of platy time, if you choose a model with a longer endurance you will be able to enjoy the music for an acceptable period of time. The device is quite versatile, enabling you to use it both indoors and outdoors. So in case you are planning a short trip or a pool party, remember to get yourself one of these – they will definitely be the element that brings added value to your activity. The wireless floating Bluetooth speaker is very easy to use: all you have to do is connect it to a Wi-Fi network then link it to any device via Bluetooth, and you can play the music you want, wherever you are. Generally, the bigger the speaker, the more powerful the sounds they make. However, this piece of device does not seem to fit the pattern. Although it is small, stylish and looks like a decorative piece, it is also extremely efficient and delivers great results. The sound quality reaches the highest standards, making the speaker suitable to any type of activity: you can either organize a remote party at home, or an outdoor party – you have the sound granted by this incredible gadget. Those who are passionate about electronics will find the product perfect: it is affordable (the price of levitating speakers is quite convenient for what it offers), stylish and very easy to use.  Most people who have tried such a gadget claim that it has exceeded their expectations. This is true, taking into consideration that it can make accurate and powerful sounds even in a room full of people, without distorting sound.

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