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If you have a shopping cart, then you’re probably using Magento. This platform seems to be the most popular one for ecommerce solutions, offering great features and various options that make it the best alternative currently on the market. The Magento team seems to be working round the clock to offer its users continuous fixes and improvements, reason for which several major upgrades appear every year. However, many shopping carts are still within the small business category and don’t have the need or the budget to pay for upgraded versions of Magento, although the first instinct of every online store owner is to install upgrades. [Not a valid template] If that’s you case to and you’ve upgraded to a version of Magento you don’t have any need for, then what you require is finding a good Magento downgrade service. You might want to give it a shot yourself, but fight that urge with everything you’ve got. Upgrading or downgrading Magento is very complicated and you’ll be saved a lot of headache and trouble if you resort to professional services. As always, the Internet is your starting point, as you will be able to quickly and easily test the waters by searching for a Magento downgrade service online. You will be surprised at the number of results generated by your search engine. Due to the fact that the Magento platforms market has expanded so significantly, many companies made their appearance on the online map providing all sort of services for Magento users, assisting them in a variety of issues. To that extent, you will probably have to sort through them and make a short list of those services that seem most experienced and proficient to you. Then, it will be wise to look for specific information on them, maybe on blogs and forums too see if anybody else used them and what their feedback is. The next step would be getting off the Internet. If you know anybody else who runs a Magento store and you must know if you work in the niche, ask them. It is highly likely that they needed such a service as well, whether downgrade, upgrade, speed optimization or anything else having to do with Magento. This means that they can recommend you a good company and warn you about companies that you should stay away from. All things considered, looking for a Magento downgrade service is not a difficult task and it requires only a little research from your part. Any amount of time that you invest in this research will definitely be less than the amount of time it will take you to figure out how to downgrade the platform yourself. Furthermore, by resorting to professional services you can rest assure that the job is done through experience and expertise and if there are ever any problems, you can fall back on their support and further assistance.  

Traci Robinson

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