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The world of technology has much to offer its enthusiasts. There are so many devices and gadgets available on the specialized market, so many models and designs that some enthusiasts spend a lot of time just to make up their mind about which one to buy.  Of course each device has its own specifications, has its own details, which cannot be denied. However, out of the many gadget manufacturers, there is one company that manages to stand out through its products. Apple is a well-known manufacturer that has made it its goal to bring forward unique, different devices that stand out on their own. So far, the above mentioned company has managed to fulfill this goal entirely. Looking at the number of enthusiasts, anyone would agree. [Not a valid template] Indeed, the gadgets developed by Apple are unique in their appearance and completely different in all that is related to the operating system. On one hand, this is one of the aspects that has managed to attract so many clients, but on the other hand, having to operate a completely different system than what you are used to is a bit difficult. Of course, this is a problem for many users, but luckily, a solution has been found. Apple users have to learn to use these gadgets from scratch. Erase the knowledge they might have regarding other tools and start fresh on the devices they have purchased. If you are the proud owner of a MAC, then you’d best start studying a few tutorials online, read some articles on the topic and discover the most Mac OS X commands you could use. An Apple device is in fact very simple to use. It has a great deal of commands that will come in handy, especially if you work in the design field. Here are a few commands you might be interested in knowing, as these might be come in handy at one point or another.   First of all, remember that the Control button has been replaced with Command. On the Mac keyboard, there is a Control button, but it does not perform the same operation as in the case of regular computer. Therefore, if you wanted to do the copy paste action, your button combination should be as follows: Command and C key, then Command and V key. Everyone uses the copy paste technique for different purposes, so keep it mind as it rather relevant. Secondly, if you wanted to prevent login, you could use the keyboard and complete the task faster simply by pressing Command and S button at the same time. Moreover, if you wanted to put all displays to sleep, then the right button combination would be the following one: Shift-Control-Media Eject. Holding down the power button for 5 seconds would force the MAC to shut down. This is a command that is worth remembering. If you are truly interested in all the commands one can make simply by using the keyboard, try locating a dedicated website that can provide you with a complete list.

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