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Mazda 6, the new car belonging to the Japanese manufacturer, has revolutionized the dedicated market ever since it first appeared. Although in 2013, the automobile was extremely popular and got excellent reviews from specialized analysts, recently the manufacturer has launched a newer, improved version. Not only buyers, but also experts were fascinated by this amazing car, which was named, the second time in a row, the best family car at 2014 New Car Awards. The revised model is considered even better, so in case you want a beautiful and reliable vehicle, this one should be the chosen one. Here are some relevant details that will help you understand why experts have been saying that Mazda 6 is one of the most stylish and performing family automobiles ever created: [Not a valid template]

The design

The vehicle has a sinuous design, which has earned its place in most tops including the 10 most beautiful family cars.  The exterior is not only smooth and elegant, but it also inspires confidence and security to the driver, passengers and also other traffic participants. In addition to this, the rich interior gives the passengers all the comfort they need, while also keeping them save and offering them a wide variety of facilities. It is very good looking, which makes the Mazda 6 Ireland one of the most enjoyable family sedans available at this time.  

Technical specifications

Besides being very stylish and elegant, yet spacious and welcoming, the Japanese manufacturing can also take pride in creating a Mazda 6 technically up to date. The car is powered by a 184-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder, while the front wheels can be driven either through a crisp six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. Mazda 6 dealers ensure that the vehicle is very efficient on the roads, in spite of the fact that the acceleration is more relaxed, if we compare it to that of some of its rivals that belong to the same class. As a matter of fact, this represents a plus, because the car proves more finesse and easiness for the driver.  


When it comes to security, the Mazda 6 is very reliable, as well as the other models made by the same manufacturer. All the initial issues have been solved once the model was improved and re-launched, so if you are looking for the safest choice for you and your family, this vehicle is what you need. It has six airbags, a standard hill hold, tire pressure monitors and smart city braking system. The best proof of the automobile’s reliability is the fact that after a series of tests in 2013, the Euro NCAP awarded the model with five stars, the maximum score available for safety.   All in all, this automobile will definitely not disappoint. It is stylish and classy, easy and fun to drive, not to mention the consumption and the price, which is more affordable than the ones of its rivals’ similar products.

Traci Robinson

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