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People who are not in touch with technology have a natural fear of it and fail to see the benefits that they bring to the society. For example, most of the parents of today’s young adults believe that video games are the worst enemies of education and the biggest time wasters. However, they fail to see that these type of games increase creativity and improve various skills such as multitasking, decision making skills and so on. Furthermore, the technology that is connected to video games is highly advanced and it can bring us a lot of benefits. A great example of this idea is the Microsoft Xbox One which is technically a game console but its applicability in the day to day life is incredible. This game console is practically a living room computer with video call options, cable and satellite TV options and the incredible Kinect natural interface. Lets take a closer look at this game console and see whether it is bad for our education or it is a step forward to a modern future. [Not a valid template]
  • Main features
We already listed some of the main features of the Microsoft Xbox One console in the beginning on the article. You can also check this tech reviews here and you can see a more complete list of futures.  However, we need to analyze them better in order to truly understand how useful this console is. The Kinect sensor is not only a great motion control device but it can also recognize faces, understands spoken commands and measure the heart beat. This sensor is not only useful for games but also for making it easier for people to interact with technology. You no longer need to use game pads in order to play games or to navigate the console’s interface. Furthermore, it can be very useful for people who want to stay in shape but don’t have time to hit the gym. If you are interested in things like this check out Nike’s fitness programs which are compatible with the Kinect sensors.  Aside from these sensors, the console itself has many features which allow you to use it for video calls, navigating the internet or watching satellite TV.
  • Is is worth the money?
Microsoft Xbox One is a very interesting game console but it also comes with an astonishing price tag of $700. Withing this price, you receive the console, a power cable, an adapter, a headset, a headset adapter, a HDMI cable and a controller. The price also includes a 14 free trial of the Live Gold package. The console’s design is not much different from the one from the 360 model so the price tag is not justified by an astonishing design. However, if you like the technology in your house to be interactive and easy to use, you won’t regret investing in this game console. Furthermore, the improved Kinect sensors will provide a unique gaming experiencing and a more futuristic interaction with the console’s technology. And because technology has advanced so much in the past few years, you can now install Subway Surfers for PC, which means you could go about installing it on your game console as well. This little dynamic game is perfect when used with a controller, and you may discover your skills are even better than before.

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