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Fantasy is often associated with imagination and creativity. However, when you combine these two elements with knowledge, fantasy can turn into reality. A lot of the things that were once considered to be fantasy, eventually became reality. A lot of technology news today focus on the latest developments in the virtual reality field. Virtual reality is a concept which we often encountered in science fiction movies. However, although this technology exists for a few years now, it hasn’t been used very much because it is very expensive. For example, if you were to own a virtual reality technology, it would be useless unless you had some apps and games which were compatible with it. Still, there are certain gadgets that give us hope that we can soon enjoy virtual reality experiences. Such is the case of the Oculus Rift Development Kit. Lets take a closer look at this new gadget and see how it will influence our world. [Not a valid template]

Main use

The Oculus rift development kit aims to provide realistic 3 dimensional surroundings. According to the technology news today, this device is aimed solely towards the gaming industry for the moment. Although the kit is rather cheap ($300), it is only available for game developers in order for them to try to develop compatible games. Even if you could somehow get your hands on this gadget, it would be useless without compatible apps. However, the manufacturers promise to make the gadget available to customers in 2014 which means that certain apps were already made for it.

What does the kit contain

The kit contains the 3D goggles, unreal engine 4, unity 4 and engine integrators. The Oculus Rift Development Kit uses state of the art technology in order to provide a low latency 360° head tracking, stereoscopic 3D View and an ultra wide field of view. The goggles are a lot more advanced than 3D television goggles because they feature parallel images for each eye, imitating the natural eyesight of the human body, thus ensuring a more realistic experience. The field of view has 110° as the virtual world is expanded beyond the user’s peripheral vision.

What more do you need?

In order to be totally immersed in a virtual reality, you would need to combine the Oculus Rift Development Kit with other gaming elements. For starters, you would need a gaming treadmill so that you can explore a virtual world without banging your head on the walls of your house. Furthermore, the kit would have to be connected to very advanced motion controls which would have to be connected to the games available for the kit. If the gaming treadmill is a reality, the available motion controllers are not as advanced as they should be in order to provide a realistic experience. We hope that game developers will collaborate with motion control manufacturers in order to solve this minor inconvenience in the near future. If you are interested in similar gaming devices as well as in the latest tech news, you should keep in touch with a reliable tech news website such as HcmDigital.Net. This website features useful reviews about the latest gadgets and apps. That being said, tech lovers have nothing else to do than to rely on tech websites in order to find out more information about the public release of the Oculus Rift.

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