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With a tech market continuously evolving and changing its dynamics, it is no wonder there are now apps for almost everything. Lately, highly popular have become salon scheduling apps, and salon managers seem to enjoy them because of the stunning features they have. An app of this kind can now be found at, and it features a scheduling option, a stock management section and many other amazing functions. Here are some things you should know about this amazing app. [Not a valid template]

1. It works perfect regardless of your device

Online or as an installed app, you can install on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, this is a tool working flawlessly regardless of your go-to device. You can use it both online or download it on your device, you can schedule your appointments right away, no matter you are at your salon or shopping, driving or doing something else. This is a great advantage offered by this kind of apps. Versatility at its best!

2. Schedule appointments – the easy way

You can now do this effortlessly, and forget about overlapping appointments. You can sort them by “Upcoming”, “Current” and “Completed”, so you manage them in a highly professional way. In case you are interested in a certain client’s appointment, you can filter the results by name. Recurring appointments are so easy to update and keep up with. You won’t experience never again the dread of an appointment book. An easy and handy tool for fast and smart appointments, indeed! You might not realize it right now, but an app of this kind might help you in fact increase your productivity and profits.

3. Easy stock and inventory control

Make sure you don’t ever again run out of a crucial product. This amazing app will help you manage your stocks so easy and even alert you when you are running low on different products. The products themselves are easy to sort and manage as well. You will always have a clearer view on them and the suppliers equally. Alerts come as “Reorder” “Low”, “Stocked” and “Discontinued”, so no surprises will ever appear. After all, realizing you lack a certain product in a middle of an appointment is not ideal.

4. Flawless client services

Clients love when their hairdressers know exactly what they want and anticipate their needs. With the help of this little app, you can offer now such experiences, because you have the opportunity to take notes for each of your clients. From what colors they prefer, to haircuts and style, to favorite small talk topics and so on. A pleased client will always return, and one that is feeling special will even make recommendations. These are some of the amazing benefits of investing in this type of apps. Make sure you choose a provider with a free trial period so you can experience yourself what it means to have access to smart scheduling apps before investing your money in them. Also, make sure they have all the features presented above for a pleasant salon managing experience and increased profits.

Traci Robinson

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