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Although we have mentioned this in previous articles we feel the need to highlight it again: technology has been advancing at a very fast speed in the last few years. It has advanced so much that we can now own a lot of gadgets that we used to see in science fiction movies. Yet another example of this idea is the new Pebble Smartwatch. One might think that smartphones already have so many features that a smartwatch would be pointless. In fact, smart watches seem to be strongly connected to specialized uses, especially in the world of sports, where gadgets such as the Neo XS GPS watch help people improve their golf performance. They offer the same features and functionality as regular rangefinders, but are more compact, easy to carry and have simple user interfaces. However, the reality is a little different. We are about to show you the main features of this new gadget and how you can use it in order to improve your everyday life [Not a valid template]
  • How does it work
The main purpose of the Pebble Smartwatch is not to replace smartphones but to improve their features. It acts like a satellite for smartphones or tablets. You can see the notifications received on your IOS or Android devices directly on the display of your watch. You might ask yourself what is the point of investing in an additional gadget if its main purpose is to display the notifications of a smart device that you already own. Well, for starters it is a lot more comfortable to check the notifications on your watch instead of searching for your phone. It is very useful when you are carrying things, driving, riding a bike or performing other tasks that require the use of both your hands. The watch can obviously tell time but it also has other features like tracking your fitness activity. There are also a lot of apps and faces which are compatible with it. The interface is user friendly and its basic functions can be easily used by anyone who is a little familiar with smart devices.
  • The design
In its essence, the Pebble Smartwatch is a wearable accessory which is why it comes in an elegant design which can match various outfits. The design is simple yet sophisticated. Due to the fact that it has interactive buttons, it is not all solid like a regular watch. It has a lot of plastic elements which make it unsuitable for a very elegant outfit. Still, it is quite nice looking and it definitely works with all casual outfits and even with office outfits. It is available in white, black, gray, red and orange. It is also customizable in order to satisfy the tastes of even the most pretentious buyers. As you can see, we have almost reached a stage of technological development that we used to see in science fiction movies. A lot of people are so depended on their smartphones that they don’t even realize what other useful gadgets are out there. On you can find a lot of reviews about gadgets and apps that you didn’t even know were out there, from famous smartphones to specialized gadgets such as the NEO XS GPS watch. The advantage of subscribing to such a website is that you can find a lot of gadget related information and you can also compare gadgets and apps in order to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

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