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Events are marketing vehicles that bring about numerous advantages. Millions of people attend events, so you can attract lots and lots of attention. The bigger the event is, the better your chances are of promoting your brand. An event should include promotional products. Why? Besides the fact that they are a natural part of the experience, promotional items increase brand awareness. The merchandise is branded with your company name and logo, giving you a major edge in the competitive marketplace. According to statistics, 80 per cent of people decide to do business with an organisation after having received promotional products.            Finding the right giveaways isn’t easy. It requires planning and strategy. If you want to be successful, then you should better use the following promotional items. [Not a valid template]

Wireless speakers and power banks

Wireless speakers are popular. That is a fact. People absolutely love wireless speakers because they stream music and the device allows them to enjoy quality entertainment. The sound system can be used indoors or outdoors and there is no need to worry about interference. Don’t you want to provide potential customers the ultimate listening experience? Of course, you do. A wireless speaker allows people to listen to music up to 6 hours. The great thing is that it operates like a power bank too. This means that it can be used to charge various devices, having a dedicated socket for receiving power. Give access to people wherever they go with promotional speakers.


Imagine what it would be like to have an extraordinary idea and not have any place to write it down. You would be malcontent. The benefits of having a notebook are evident. When you have a notebook, you can write down potential ideas. This really comes in handy. The fact is that all individuals need a place to store information, no matter if that information comes in the form of notes, to-do lists or personal stories. Notebooks are something that clients can use on a daily basis. You don’t have to look hard to find quality branded event merchandise. All audiences treasure the spiral notepad. Despite its size, the spiral notepad offers personalisation opportunities. You can have your event merchandise made in all kinds of finishes.

Cardboard virtual reality headsets

Customers deserve to experience virtual reality. Don’t you think so? A cardboard virtual reality headset is meant to be used with a smartphone, working with virtually any VR application. With the promotional item, it’s possible to play games, watch movies, and even socialise with friends. Hi-tech virtual reality headsets don’t come at a high cost, contrary to popular belief. You should consider making a minimal investment. You’re not doing it for the sake of clients but for the sake of your company. Add cardboard virtual reality headsets to your sponsored event. They enjoy great appeal among demographics, so keep that in mind. Nowadays, companies offer far more options in terms of branded event merchandise. You don’t have to choose between cost-effectiveness and high quality anymore. Go shopping right now.

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