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As a product manufacturer you need to follow certain requirements in your industry, regardless of what it might be, one of them being the necessity to mark each product with the date of expiry or the lot number. To do this you will need to either hire coding and marking specialists or buy your own equipment for the job. In any case, this is why you should always work with specialists and do your research properly before making a decision:  

They can adapt to your needs

[Not a valid template] Not all industries have the same requirements in terms of coding and marking, so you should hire someone who can offer you exactly the services you need. Perhaps you need to print on coloured plastic or on clear glass. A true professional will always be able to adapt to your needs and offer you exactly the services you are looking for. In addition, you might need to code something on the lids of your products or on concave surfaces and only someone with professional equipment will be able to provide you such services.  

They will provide quality services

While it is understandable why you might be tempted to hire the person with the lowest rates, but you should take into account all the special needs that you might have, not all coders can perform well in all conditions or you may need to code your products with an ink that will change its colour in certain conditions of light. In addition, your products may need to be sterilised and washed after being coded, so you should make sure that the codes will last no matter what, to avoid any legal problems afterwards. This is especially true in the case of bottles, as they always need to be cleaned thoroughly before being filled with any product designed for mass consumption.  

They take coding to the next level

If you are in the cosmetics field, you know that the way your products look sometimes matters just as much as their quality. Many women actually refuse to buy a lipstick for the second time just because they though the packaging was not very good, even if they were satisfied with the overall quality of the product. You need to invest in packaging that will catch their attention and make them enjoy every moment when they are using that particular beauty product. To this extent, coding and marking specialists can create various patterns to make things more interesting.  

Traci Robinson

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