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If you are a music fan, you can probably appreciate the qualities of a good speaker. Nowadays, there are a lot of products that offer high quality sounds. You can buy them for your home or you can get them as a gift, because many people appreciate high quality music. For example, these can make an original Mother’s Day gift if your mom like listening to music, but she would never invest so much money in speakers. However, most of these products are often inconvenient around the house. They take a lot of space and the countless cables that they require are very annoying. Luckily, there is a brand that fully understands these problems and whose mission it is to build quality speakers which integrate a modern home with minimum effort. Such is the case of the Sonos Playbar, a state of the art wireless speaker which all music lovers will appreciate. But before speaking of Sonos Playbar, you should take a look at the latest innovation, when it comes to sound systems, its name is floating speaker, and it combines futuristic design with great sound quality. It would be perfect for your mother, if she likes modern decorations, because she can place it on her desk and play her favorite songs. Because they are relatively new on the market, you should check the reviews provided by an informational platform as, which lists plenty of articles which review the majority of the floating speakers you find on the market. Now let’s get back to Sonos Playbar, and see what this gadget could offer you. [Not a valid template]
  • Main features
As you probably know by now, Sonos is a powerful name in the industry of music equipment. Their latest released product, the wireless speaker, is equipped with no less than 9 Class D amps which sustain 3 tweeters and 6 mid-range drivers. These elements deliver top quality sounds. It works very well even with deep bass sounds without distorting the sounds.
  • Compatibility and Installation
The Sonos Playbar is compatible with the Sonos Sub and the Play:3 speakers. This amazing sound bar also plays all the music sources which are connected to the HD television such as Blu-ray players, cable or satellite boxes and even video consoles. Given the fact that it is wireless, the installation process is very simple. It features a power cord and an optical cord. It is compatible with most remotes and there are also a lot of free apps that allow you to control the sound bar through your Android or iOS device.
  • Anytime, Anywhere
All Sonos WIFI speakers are designed in order to be easily integrated in any space of a home. The Sonos Playbar is easily activated with the push of one button. You can setup the entire audio system of a home with these wireless speakers and you will never experience any dropouts. With the Sonos Controller App, you can control all the Sonos speakers in the house. You can play different tunes in every room or play the same tune in all your house. Furthermore, you can listen to music from all over the world from various sources such as radio stations, iTunes, Pandora and so on. As you can see, the Sonos Playbar offers all the sound quality that music lovers crave for without the added inconveniences of large equipments and countless cables . Furthermore, its design makes it suitable for any home and it can be effortlessly controlled with any Android or iOS device. If you want to learn about more similar gadgets for your mobile devices, we’ve found a reliable source in JournalOfNetworks.Org, which comes with good reviews of all the latest products and news in the field.

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