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If you want to create a good website, an impressive platform or a site that is not just eye-catching, but also remarkable in functionality, then you need a lot more than just creativity to imagine and create beautiful designs. You also need deep knowledge and experience in coding, such as PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript, which can be very difficult to obtain, not to mention the fact that training classes can take a lot of time. However, all hope is not lost, because there is also a simpler way to create a website, a solution that is largely preferred and chosen by non-programmers and that is the conversion from PSD to WordPress service, which basically transforms PSD designs into high quality websites. The conversion process is not all that simple, nonetheless, and although there are several tools that one can make use of, the best thing would be outsourcing the service and leaving it on the hands of real professionals, with plenty of experience in WordPress theme coding and conversion, because they know how to take beautiful PSD designs and turn them into highly functional and effective platforms. [Not a valid template] Even though it is wise to resort to a professional PSD to WordPress service, it’s also important and helpful to know the steps of the conversion process, as to know what to expect from your WordPress theme coding provider. This is a principle that is valid in every field, as the more you know about a certain subject, the better able you are to judge the capabilities of a provider in that field, which means your choice of provider will be better. The very first step of the process is slicing and that involves cutting and dividing an image file into multiple design files. Through slicing, the entire design of a website is coded into multiple images, instead of a single one, which means that each component brings its own functionality and use to the table. Slicing is a very important step of the conversion process and it needs to be done professionally, which is why using specialized graphic designers is better than using software or other tools. The second step of the conversion is represented by creating index.html and style.css files, which basically means coding the sliced images into the above mentioned formats. This step also requires deep knowledge of coding, so the importance of finding the right service cannot be stressed enough. The goal of this step is to obtain pixel perfect placement and complete rollover effects.   Step number three is breaking index.html files according to the file structure of the WordPress theme. To create a custom WordPress website, one needs to create a theme that can be functionally uploaded into the WP software, which is why a PSD to WordPress service must ensure an effective and proper conversion from a PSD design into a WP theme, to which functionality can be then added through tools and plugins specific to WordPress. The fourth step of the WordPress theme coding process is adding tags. The open source platform is a great solution for non-programmers because it allows them to add functionality to a website without complex HTML codes, but just through inbuilt function tags. Last, but not least, the final step is customizing the website as desired. After you have successfully created and activated a theme, you can modify any existing functionality or add any other by simply installing plugins or configuring the existing structure through the dashboard.   All things taken into account, if you break down the conversion process step by step, you can actually notice that it’s much simpler than HTML or JavaScript or CSS coding, but that isn’t to mean that just anyone can do it. If you want the resulting website to be an impressive platform from both a design and functionality point of view, then you need to make sure that the process is conducted by highly professional and experienced developers. Fortunately, the fact that we live in the Internet era means not only the possibility of this type of conversion, but also the possibility of having experts do it for us. In addition, you can use the online environment to find the best suitable service provider, comparing companies and services, as well as prices and rates.  All this information is readily available for you, you just need to take the time to conduct a thorough research and get all your facts straight before hiring a company to provide a PSD to WordPress service.

Traci Robinson

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