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The Best Time Management Apps

Written by Traci Robinson. Posted in Tech

In a world where everything is changing and evolving with fast speed, time management has become one of our most serious problems. Due to the fact that we are always on the run and constantly connected to the internet, our attention is dispersed on various subjects which causes us to be slow and inefficient. However, we can use technology to our advantage. Due to the fact that we are constantly connected to it, with the proper apps, we can use it in order to successfully manage our time. The following time management apps will improve your productivity and help you gain some extra free time. [Not a valid template]
  • Organizers and to-do lists
The reason why paper organizers and lists are no longer efficient is because they are time confusing, messy and very counteractive. People who have paper planners often forget even to read them everyday let alone update them. This is where planning apps can help you. There are countless to-do apps and organizer apps that you can try. Our favorite one so far is Wunderlist. This easy app allows you to create several lists (shopping, work, home, movies to watch, etc.). Each element that you add to the list can be updated with notes and reminders. Furthermore, the app also makes a weekly schedule based on all of your reminders. You can also record, take pictures and upload files. The reason why we like this app is due to the fact that it is very easy to use and very interactive. If Wunderlist does not match your style, you can try other time management apps such as EverNote, MyLifeOrganized (MLO) or Remember The Milk. Nowadays we look for time management and saving more time in everything we do, precisely because our lives are so much busier and we want to accomplish more. Even web design has become transformed, with designers going for streamlined features that help the user navigate with ease. Web design in Los Angeles is following this trend especially, and they are the top innovators in the field.
  • Apps for increasing productivity
Each person has different excuses for not being productive. Some have too much on their heads while others are severe procrastinators. Lucky, there are a lot of time management apps that can help with these problems and improve your productivity. They are very useful for work as well as extracurricular projects. For example, Rescue Time is an application that sends you weekly reports based on your everyday input in order to help you analyze what activities are most time wasteful. Focus booster is very helpful for procrastinators as it helps the users enhance their focus. If you want to track time spent on projects, you will find Toggl to be a very interesting app.
  • Managing your files
If you manage a lot of important files you should definitely back them up in order to make sure that none of them will ever be lost. One of the best such apps is Syncback Freeware. Another great time managing app is Dropbox which allows you to upload various files and access them from various devices. In Dropbox, you can also create groups where more people can upload files which are visible for the whole group so this is a great app for team projects. Before purchasing an app, but any other kind of product for that matter, you need to verify its quality in various sources in order to make sure everything is as advertised. For more reviews of the above apps, but for other articles related to media, apps, gadgets and technology, check out AgeOfInnovation.Org and you’ll be able to compare and choose to your liking. Moreover, you may stumble onto products that you didn’t know about, but which might be very useful to you, such as the time management apps presented here.
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