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In the past years, the economical situation of most countries has diminished the chances of young people finishing a college to find a suitable job. The job market has few vacancies, and many people find themselves in the situation of competing with hundreds of other candidates for the same position. Technology, for example, is still a domain which offers well paid workplaces, but since there are plenty of students with knowledge in the field, a diploma is not the only thing necessary for obtaining a good position in an IT company.  Being an engineer, tester, programmer or developer has its perks, but achieving this will not be easy, unless you acknowledge that you need more than a university degree. In any competition, having something extra compared to your counter candidates facilitates the success. When it comes to an interview, extra experience is required and represents the added value one candidate has over the others, but in the technological field, CCNP training is exactly what you need to lead you to your dream job. You will gain a set of extra abilities and skills, with a minimal effort: you must subscribe to the program, attend some classes and eventually pass an exam to get the certification. [Not a valid template] If you want to build yourself a successful career in technology, starting with CCNP classes is the best thing to do. When applying for a job, it is very important to have the skills and knowledge required in the job description, but apart from this, the employers also look for promising people, who are interested in developing and growing increasingly. For this reason, apart from the basic studies, listing a series of extra courses will be a plus for the HR person who is making the screening of the applicants’ CVs. Although nowadays many consider certifications useless pieces of paper, these classes will bring you further knowledge that you can prove during your interview, so you will have an edge over the others. With a little effort (that is attending CCNP training for some weeks), you can make a huge step for your future. Tech specialists benefit from a series of advantages, which do not consist only in a considerable salary, but also access to a network of contacts and to the latest trends and changes from the field, so the effort is worth it.   CCNP courses are designed especially to be interactive and professional. Apart from the theoretical part, they also have a practical section, to make attendants practice and establish the notions learnt. The learning process is complex, and the training is created for those who are eager to improve their abilities, find out more and use the knowledge acquired: at the end of the training, the students will be ready to implement their ideas and vision, and also to maintain an enterprise network. The level of study varies according to the previous experience of the participants, and if they are involved, the results should be achieving enterprise-level networking skills. So if you are passionate about technology, do not neglect your chances and improve your future through specialized classes.

Traci Robinson

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