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All printing techniques have their strengths and limitations, but screen printing is renowned for the fact that its pros overweigh its cons. Nowadays, screen printing is used in numerous industries, because modern machines are not only automatic and capable of printing thousands of items per hour, they can also print on any type of material and surface. The rising popularity of the screen printing technique is due mainly to its versatility and affordability. Almost every printed item you see was created with the help of a print screening press, from balloons to electronic devices. However, print screening shines the most when it is used to create clothing items. Nowadays, you can print anything you want on your T-shirt from digital art to simple texts and sketches. Numerous screen printing Winnipeg providers offer custom services allowing customers to print their own designs on their clothes. In fact, screen printing has started to gain ground against other type of clothing printing methods, because of its benefits. Following are the advantages of using screen printing on fabrics. [Not a valid template]

Increased durability

  While other fabric printing methods are derived from techniques used initially on other materials, screen printing was used from the start on fabric. The application of ink on fabric using other technologies than print screening is less durable as a result and the print can be easily peeled off, not to mention that it is affected by water or weather. With screen printing the ink is absorbed and imbed into the fabric making the print extremely durable. The graphics will definitely not wash away, peel off or get damaged by physical contact and will last for years.  

Size versatility  

  Another advantage of print screening is the fact that a single image or graphic can be scaled both upwards or downwards making it extremely versatile. You can basically take a business logo and print it on a T-shirt to cover the entire front or make it really small to cover a small area as for instance the pocket area. Screen printing Winnipeg providers will only require a high quality image and they can use it in different formats and sizes to print it on any type of clothing item of any size.  

Multiple printing options

  Even more enticing about print screening is the fact that you can print anything you like on whatever material you have at your disposal. This printing method can accommodate a wide selection of materials, so you can produce not only T-shirts, but also promotional banners, hats, posters and canvases with the desired design using the same screen. What is more, the quality of each print will stay the same even though you will be using the same screen.  

Fast printing

  A great advantage of screen printing is the rapidity with which you can complete a batch of thousands of T-shirts. Modern presses are automatic and they can print as much as 1500 T-shirts per hour without any quality compromises. The machines are not only automatic; they are also accurate.  Using this method to create promotional materials will help you cut down costs.  

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