The benefits of using water jet cutting

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Water jet cutting is an innovative method of cutting various types of material by using a jet of water just like the name suggests. While soft materials are cut with water without any abrasives, steel, granite, and other dense materials are cut by adding abrasive to the jet of water. Water jet cutting is possible with the help of pressure. In other words, water is forced through a jewel or orifice and forms a stream of water of precise dimensions. Water streams created under extreme pressure has an impressive force and it can cut through things with ease. By adding abrasive to the water jet, which is already powerful, the waterjet cutting machine becomes capable of cutting through any type of material, no matter how hard. This type of machine is currently used with success in many applications because of its exceptional features and advantages. For instance, water jet cutting is used to cut the small boards for printed circuit boards. Its high precision allows users to save the material, not to mention that it is less likely to damage it. Wire stripping, food preparation, wood cutting and tool steel are other important applications of water jet cutting machines. [Not a valid template] The popularity of this type of cutting technique is understandable considering the fact that the latest machines are currently more economical than other similar machines that use other cutting techniques. When it comes to production machines, economy, precision and rapidity are the most sought after qualities and the water jet cutting machines boast another important feature besides these three: the fact that it produces no heat affected zone, allowing it to cut through anything. Unlike flame, plasma or laser cutting, wasserstrahlschneiden provides cold cutting, which means that materials impossible to cut with high precision cutting machines until now because of their inability to go through the thermal stress are now being cut with success by water jet cutting machines. Besides cutting with success food and other inflammable materials, this type of cutting machine also eliminates the risk of surface hardening.   The benefits of waterjet cutting machines also include Omni-directional cutting, extraordinary precision, no secondary procession requirements, flexibility and stress free cutting. Water jets can cut virtually through any material without damaging it, not to mention that it requires minimal featuring and reduces the emission of dust and hazardous gas in the air. The advent of technology has allowed manufactures    of waterjet cutting machines to develop improved machines that are more precise and faster by the year, but also to increase the range of their applications. Whether we talk about fiber-reinforced materials, textiles, food products or uneven surfaces, the latest water jet cutting machines can cut through them with acute precision faster than any other cutting machine. Considering the fact that the price for raw material is becoming more expensive, as we have limited resources, a cutting machine that boasts a small kerf that has impressive nesting capabilities will allow users save as much material as possible. In conclusion, water jet cutting is set apart from other cutting techniques by its cost-effectiveness, precision and inherent quality that allows it to cut through anything.

Traci Robinson

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