Top 5 Popular Games on Android

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Mobile platforms have become a great source of entertainment, especially for those who love playing games and completing all sorts of fun challenges. There are many Android applications that have millions of fans all over the world, which means that they are so good that people can get addicted to them. Here is a top 5 games on android that you will love to play.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man fans will be happy to hear that the Gameloft’s official movie tie-in game has recently released the game for Android devices. So, you if you are one of the people who love this character, you will be very pleased with the idea of being able to control Spidey and face criminals like Green Goblin, Screwball, Venom and Black Cat. You will be able to identify with the character, and you will actually feel like you are part of the movie, because the game’s story will be expanded in the movie. [Not a valid template]

The Dead Trigger 2

The Dead Trigger 2 is a game filled with adrenaline, as users must concentrate hard to kill as many zombies as possible in order to complete their levels and gather points. Furthermore, you can enjoy the help offered by your assistants, as they have the role to build hideouts for you and help you earn as much bonuses as you can. The currency that you gather will help you create and upgrade new weapons.

The GTA Vice City

If you are willing to pay a specified amount of money to get the GTA Vice City, you can be confident that you will enjoy one of the best highly-rated games for Android. Although, your on-screen controls will never match a game like this, they are entirely customizable, so you can make all the adjustments that you want. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the challenges that this game can offer you.


You can get many advantages from installing NBA Jam on your mobile phone, especially since this game is a sports simulation. Still, although real basketball games don’t integrate inexplicable explosions, you will appreciate the special effects of the game.

The Ridiculous Fishing

The game is all about catching fish while enjoying the great graphics which feature a nice visual style. However, the thing that you are going to like the most is the fact that you have to toss the fish into the air and try to kill your catch by using a hail of gunfire. So, you can be confident that you will appreciate the great sense of humor that the game has, and that you will recommend it to your friends as well.

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