Useful Tips for Extending the Life of Your Electronic Gear

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Nowadays, most people depend on their electronic devices to work whenever you need them most. If your cell phone dies unexpectedly, the result can be both expensive and troublesome. Taking care of your electronic gear is therefore very important. The good news is that there are some tips you can follow if you want to extend the life of your electronic equipment. Find out more below. [Not a valid template]

Computer printer

A computer printer has an average life time of five years or longer, if you take care of it. Paper jams and ink clogs are cause by a high level of moisture present in the air. So, before thinking of replacing your printer with a new one consider installing a dehumidifier in your room. Dehumidifiers are devices specially designed to reduce high levels of humidity which can cause mold contamination problems. Consider placing a one of the best 2015 dehumidifiers next to your computer printer. Unless you notice humidity problems throughout your entire house, avoid large, whole house units and choose a small, portable dehumidifier. The efficiency of the best 2015 dehumidifiers doesn’t lie within their size, but within their performance. Other than that, avoid keeping the computer printer near an open window, because dust can easily get inside and clog the ink compartments. We recommend to remove the cartridge and gently clean the printer with acetone and a cloth in order to remove ink residue.

Flat screen TV

Flat screen TV’s have a an average life span of ten years or longer. Your parents might have told you several times to keep fingers off the screen and they were right. If you touch the screen many times you may cause pixel burnout which damages your TV. Flat screen TV’s can encounter many burn-in issues. If you want to avoid paying a large amount of money on repair services we advice you to tuyn off the TV every few hours. It’s also advisable to keep the vents of the TV clear because if not it overheats very fast.

Cell Phone

The average life span of a regular cell phone is of four years or more. The first step in taking care of your device and extend its life is to avoid exposing it to low or high temperatures because the battery can easily get damaged. We also recommend to recharge your phone not as often and let it drain fully at least once a week. This tip can help you prolong the life of the battery. The most common problem is that the battery doesn’t hold a charge as long as before. First, check if the charger is broken or not. If it isn’t then it’s time to replace your battery. It’s advisable to buy a new battery from a reputable dealer because batteries purchased from unauthorized dealers have a short lifetime and in some case they can explode, causing injuries.

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