What is file compression and how does it work?

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When it comes to files, maybe one of their most important criteria is represented by their size. Users are always looking for smaller files, because these are easier to upload, download or attach to emails. Transferring large amounts of data may take a lot of time, regardless the speed of the internet or the performance of your computer. In addition to this, since storage space represents an issue most people are dealing with, it is recommended to choose the most compressed version of any file, in order for it to occupy as little space as possible. In case this is not possible, you may have to use a professional compressor, which will shrink the size of your files, without causing them any damage. Zip archives are one of the best solutions you have in this situation, but remember that if you want to access the archive, you will also need to unzip files, using a performing program. You may think that this whole process is too complicated, but this is not actually true, because all you have to do is choose a performing compressor and it will do all the job on your behalf. [Not a valid template]

What is compression all about?

In spite of the fact that it involves a lot of operations, compression is not as complicated as it seems. File compression is a common process used very often, by all kinds of users and even if it sounds difficult, it is actually very popular. In case you want to send an email and you need to attach a file that is too large, you will definitely compress and transform it into an archive, in order to streamline the transfer. As you can see, everybody can do this operation, if they have the right tool. Fortunately, nowadays there are many programs that you can use, and you are likely to find a good one only with a simple research on the internet. Furthermore, some of these are even free, so you will not have to pay for the software that will help you compress your files.  

How does compression work?

Compression represents a process that involves many stages, but the key to success is choosing the best piece of software. Taking into consideration that files are made of many components (some of these are mandatory, while others are not), the initial stage involves identifying the elements that can be found in different parts of the file. While some compressors may lead to data loss, because they eliminate beneficial elements, a good program will only reduce the repetitive parts, maintaining the initial quality of your file. Once this happens, the software creates a pattern which is copied at the beginning of the file, in order to make decompression easier and flawless.  

Why do you need compression?

You may think that since you have enough storage space, you do not need to modify your files and risk damaging their quality. However, you have to know that compression saves you a lot of time and trouble as far as transfer is concerned. For this reason, make sure you make the correct settings and you will be able to enjoy more flexibility and quality.

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