What role do gaskets have?

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  Gaskets can be simply defined as mechanical seals. They fit this category, being only one of the numerous mechanical seals available on the market, such as plugs or bungs. The purpose of gaskets is simple, they can be used to seal a certain fluid, and thus protect the exterior from being contaminated by this particular fluid. Qualitative gaskets can be easily found online just by searching gaskets in Ottawa. A gasket can be made out of a combination of materials or a  single compressible material.  A few pieces of information will help you find out more about their role and characteristics. [Not a valid template]

Types of gaskets

There is a large variety of gaskets out there. They are commonly categorized into metallic gaskets, semi-metallic, and soft ones.  The ones from the first category are made from metallic materials, from either a single one or a combination.  They are  numerous shapes and sizes for metallic gaskets, and are highly recommended for pressure applications or high temperature. The most common types from this category are ring gaskets and welded one. The next category, the semi-metallic ones have as composition both metallic materials as well as non-metallic ones. These one can be used for low temperature applications, but can be also used for high temperature. Many types can be included in this category, such as metal jacketed, spiral wound or Kammprofile.  The last category of gaskets is soft gaskets. These ones are made out of sheet materials, and their usage is meant for a wider range of applications, but it limited to low or medium pressure.

The uses of gaskets

With the help of gaskets a compacted seal is established between two parts. A gasket can prevent, for example, gas from leaking, or any other type of fluid.  During pressure change the fluid may leak, so a gasket’s role is to prevent the leakage from happening.  Gaskets need to be  chemical compatible with the certain surfaces. A tight seal will prevent any fluid from leaking. There are numerous industries that need gaskets for their applications.  Therefore, there are aerospace gaskets, telecommunication ones, medical, custom and so on. A gasket will create a proper barrier and will block any fluid, eliminating even the smallest risk of leakage. In order for the gaskets to meet their purpose, they need to be carefully selected, each application needing a certain type of gasket, depending on temperature or pressure.  The two compressed surfaces will be sealed properly only with the right gaskets.

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