Why hair stylists need salon booking software

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Hair stylists are not among the first people one would think they need technology and software to make their work better, as what they do has a lot more in common with art, creativity and skill than with gadgets and applications. However, there is such a thing called salon booking software, which has proven to be an invaluable tool to hair stylists and salon managers everywhere. Today, the roles of a “hair stylist” and “salon manager” overlap each other. It’s true, most of the salon managers today are in fact hair stylists who wanted to go on their own, to make something for themselves, so they opened their own salons. But cutting hair and creating innovative styles has very little to do with managing a salon, which is why most of them need help when it comes to keeping the business running smoothly and that’s where the software comes in play. [Not a valid template] First of all, hair stylists need salon booking software because it helps them with appointment scheduling. Stylists and hair dressers are not known as being the most organized or the best technology experts, therefore any help with booking appointments and making sure that no one gets overlooked, but also that no double booking occurs is welcomed. Not only that, but most of these apps come with appointment reminder features, which ultimately maximize the work time and ensure that all clients show up or that cancellations are registered in advance, so that stylists know what to expect from every given day. Appointment scheduling may not seem like such a big deal or a very difficult task, but if a stylist’s plan is to expand his or her salon and the number of clients is constantly growing, then having an online app that handles all the bookings makes it easier for the stylist to focus and allocate time to catering to clients, which increases client satisfaction and therefore increases profits, as well as client retention. Of course, handling bookings and scheduling appointments is not the only reason why stylists need this type of app.   Secondly, salon booking software is a great tool for hair stylists because it helps them track inventory and always keeps the salon well equipped. By using this kind of application, they don’t need to regularly count shampoos, conditioners, hair brushes or straighteners, because it’s all in the app and whenever any type of product is running low, hair stylists will know and order more, without running the risk of either overstocking or remaining without. It is an easy and highly useful method of optimizing operational costs, not to mention a helpful reminder, as tracking inventory should really be one of the last worries of a hair stylist. Last, but not least, stylists need this type of software or app because it allows them to offer highly personalized services to their clients. The app can keep track of every client and upon his or her return, the hair stylist can see everything that has been previously done, previous dyes, cuts, hairdos, things that one cannot actually remember when there are dozens of clients or even more.

Traci Robinson

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