Why is file size important?

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As far as files are concerned, the main property users are often worried about is their size. Whether you want to download, upload or attach the file to an email and send it via internet, you will always choose the smallest possible size that is still at an acceptable quality. Besides transfer, available storage space on your computer is also a good reason to avoid large files. No matter if you are trying to send a picture to a friend, upload music on your mp3player or watch a video from your mobile device, size can cause problems and lead to errors, especially when it is combined with a slow internet connection. Regardless how performing the device or how fast your internet connection is, there are certain limitations of technology that you cannot ignore. Adjusting the size of your documents, pictures and videos is extremely important if you want to avoid unnecessary issues. Taking into consideration that videos are some of the largest files there are, experts recommend that you use a professional mp4 video converter, in order to shrink them. You may think that by diminishing them, you will only manage to ruin the quality of the image or sound, but this is not actually true if you choose carefully and use a reputable piece of software. [Not a valid template] You may wonder why file size is so important, but as you can see, there is more than one reason for which it would be better to modify the initial size of your files. PC users from all over the world encounter daily problems related to internet or web page limitations as far as the dimension of their files are concerned. For instance, if you want to send an email containing a large attachment, the provider will warn you that you have to compress the item. Normally, an email attachment cannot be larger than 25 MB – and this is a fortunate case and depends on the provider, because some of them only accept files smaller than 20 MB. Even if at first glance size may not seem a problem when it comes to sending a single picture or a document, this immediately changes the moment you try to send multiple files or worse – videos. Most platforms and devices inform you when you are about to upload or store a large file and you are running out of space, so that you know you have to compress them. Fortunately, since technology has evolved a lot, now there are many alternatives of free mp4 video converter online apps, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.   Besides preventing errors from appearing, smaller files will also help reduce uploading and downloading times. Of course, this also depends on your internet connection, but the size is another relevant variable. While some users benefit from high speed, others cannot even browse the internet during the uploading process, and here is where the size of the file is extremely important. Besides this, the format is also something which can be adjusted by online converters, in order to make the files suitable to play on any device.

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